Persona 5: The Phantom X Awakening Test Image Gallery


The second beta test for the Perfect World developed mobile game Persona 5: The Phantom X has started and, as with the first, a large number of assets have been datamined from the game.

Below is a compilation of a selection of notable assets which were not included in the previous compilation post.


Several new Phantom Thieves and TAs are featured in the Awakening Test.

Kayo Tohyama (Code Name: Okyann, Persona: Cleodora)

Reo Kamiyama (Code Name: Leo, Persona: Erytheia)

Kiyoshi Kurotani (Code Name: Kii, Persona: Syce)

Tomoko Noge (Code Name: Kotomo, Persona: Prosymna)

Yaoling Li (Code Name: Rin, Persona: Meng Po)

Shun Kanou (Code Name: Soy, Persona: Mandrin)

Persona Art

New personas not included in the previous beta test. Again, some have been censored, including Mara.

Other Character Art

Icons and UI Assets


Movie Posters

In-game fictional movie posters.

Tarot Cards

Collaboration Banner

A banner for a collaboration between Persona 5 Royal and Japanese karaoke brand Karatez.

Tutorial Images

Yuuji Kiuchi Back Story Images

Thanks to @SerenoV7 for the solution to unpacking the files and @regularpanties for character name and Persona translations.