Persona 5: Ultimate Edition and DLC Bundles Released on PSN

Update (2017-10-24): The “Persona 5: Ultimate Edition” and DLC bundles have also been released in North America. Prices:

  • Persona 5: Ultimate Edition:
    • US: $124.99 (PS4) / $114.99 (PS3)
    • Canada: $166.99 (PS4) / $153.49 (PS3)
  • Costume & BGM Bundle:
    • US: $59.99 (both versions)
    • Canada: $79.99 (both versions)
  • Persona Bundle:
    • US: $19.99 (both versions)
    • Canada: $26.99 (both versions)


On the PlayStation Network Store for Australia, a listing for “Persona 5: Ultimate Edition” has gone up for the PS3 and PS4, offering the game with a bundle of downloadable content.

The description:

Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Become the ultimate Phantom Thief with the Persona 5: Ultimate Edition!

  • Persona 5
  • all additional Personas
  • all special Costumes
  • Healing Item Set
  • Skill Card Set
  • Japanese Audio Track
  • New Difficulty Level (Merciless)

The PS4 version of the bundle is $144.95 AUD, while the PS3 version is $129.95 AUD.

The “Persona 5: Ultimate Edition” is also available on the European PSN Store, costing £79.99 for both the PS3 version and the PS4 version. There has been no word for a release in other regions as of yet.

DLC Bundles

Additionally, downloadable content bundles for the “Costume & BGM” sets as well as the personas in Persona 5 have been listed on the PSN Store for Australia and Europe.

The “Costume & BGM Bundle” is $75.95 AUD / £39.99 for both the PS3 and PS4 versions, and the “Persona Bundle” is $29.95 AUD / £15.99 for both the PS3 and PS4 versions as well.

Persona 5 was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It was released for the PS4 in Traditional Chinese on March 23, 2017. It released in North America and Europe on April 4th, 2017, and in Korean on June 8, 2017.


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Prima Games Prima Games (2017-06-27)
  • globspeed

    I bought all DLC Personas and the P3/P4 DLC costumes on discount, and this happens? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • ScottyWired

    >$75.95 AUD

    yeah nah

    • globspeed

      50% discount or nah.

  • Azlan Wake

    I have the game in Collector, Normal and Digital form, I’ll gladly buy it again if this comes up

    I’d make another acc just to buy it again

  • WiicardoBA
  • Midna Midna

    What the flying duck, this is the last time I buy a persona game on release day

    • Mr.Sammich

      I… don’t really understand that logic, as it’s been a well known fact since before P5 released that ATLUS will eventually make an actual enhanced version of the game that has much more content than even the DLC for the standard edition of P5 added.

      You should have totally expected this when initially purchasing the game, but to a much larger extent. If anything, the only thing this should make you feel is that you shouldn’t purchase any of the DLC before it’s bundled.

      • Shadowriver

        But this is just a bundle of DLCs, common practice everywhere, i don’t really know why they even listing free DLCs. You not losing anything from buying initial launch

  • Ken

    how about no….. no kidding if only include all dlc but not story update fes or golden version