Persona 5 Ranks 42nd in the TV Asahi ‘Video Game General Election’ Vote With 50,000 People

Persona 5 key art featuring the main characters.

Earlier on December 27th in Japan, the show “50,000 people vote for it! Video game general election” was hosted on TV Asahi. As the title of the program suggests, more than 50,000 users voted on their favorite games of all time, with the top 100 tallied during the broadcast.

Four Atlus related games were included in the top 100 voted games, each from the Persona series:

#42: Persona 5
#93: Persona 5 Royal
#98: Persona 4
#100: Persona 3

Atlus made a celebratory tweet for the highest result, with Persona 5 achieving 42nd place.

A similar poll was held by Famitsu in July 2017. With over 5,000 votes for that one, Persona 5 took first place. Series character designer Shigenori Soejima drew an illustration celebrating that result.

The full results can be seen below, compiled via ResetEra user Hayama Akito and Denfamicogamer:

1st to 10th Rankings
No.1: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
No. 2: Dragon Quest V
No. 3: Final Fantasy VII
No. 4: Animal Crossing: New Horizons
No. 5: Splatoon 2
No. 6: Dragon Quest III
No. 7: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
No. 8: Chrono Trigger
No. 9: Final Fantasy X
No. 10: Super Mario Bros. 3

11th to 20th Rankings
No.11: Pokemon Diamond Pearl
No. 12: Super Mario Kart
No.13: Undertale
No. 14: Pokemon Sword / Shield
No.15: Dragon Quest IV
No.16: Kingdom Hearts II
No.17: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
No.18: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
No.19: Suikoden II
No.20: Minecraft

21st to 30th Rankings
No.21: Splatoon
No.22: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
No. 23: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
No.24: Pokemon Red / Green / Blue
No.25: Tetris
No.26: Pokemon Black / White
No.27: Dragon Quest XI
No.28: MOTHER 2
No.29: Okami
No.30: Apex Legends

31st to 40th Rankings
No.31: Tactics Ogre
No.32: Resident Evil
No.33: Final Fantasy VI
No.34: Final Fantasy V
No.35: Xenoblade 2
No.36: Pokémon Gold / Silver
No.37: Final Fantasy IX
No.38: Puyo Puyo
No.39: Dark Souls III
No. 40: Xenogears

41st to 50th Rankings
No.41: Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei Reiwa mo Teiban!
No.42: Persona 5
No.43: Xenoblade
No.44: Dragon Quest X
No.45: Kirby’s Return to Dream Land
No.46: Dragon Quest II
No.47: Final Fantasy XIV
No.48: NieR: Automata
No.49: Kingdom Hearts
No.50: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

51st to 60th Rankings
No.51: Final Fantasy IV
No.52: The Legend of Zelda
No.53: Tales of the Abyss
No.54: Dragon Quest VIII
No.55: Yokai Watch 2
No.56: Super Mario Galaxy
No.57: Super Donkey Kong
No.58: Animal Crossing
No.59: Dead by Daylight
No.60: Pokemon Black 2 / White 2

61st to 70th Rankings
No.61: Super Smash Bros.
No.62: Xevious
No.63: Final Fantasy III
No.64: Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver
No.65: Suikoden
No.66: Ghost of Tsushima
No.67: Bloodborne
No.68: Pokemon X / Y
No.69: Super Mario RPG
No.70: Monster Hunter: World

71st to 100th Rankings
No.71: Dr. Mario
No.72: Kirby Super Deluxe
No.73: Gran Turismo 4
No.74: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
No. 75: Animal Crossing: Wild World
No.76: Kirby’s Air Ride
No.77: Mario Kart Wii
No.78: Nobunaga’s Ambition: Zenkokuban
No.79: Metal Gear Solid
No.80: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
No.81: Dragon Quest Builders 2
No.82: Legend of Mana
No.83: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
No.84: Final Fantasy XI
No.85: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
No.86: Monster Hunter
No.87: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
No.88: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
No.89: Super Mario Galaxy 2
No.90: Final Fantasy VIII
No.91: Street Fighter II
No.92: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
No.93: Persona 5 Royal
No.94: Fire Emblem: The Genealogy of the Holy War
No.96: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
No.97: Super Mario World
No.98: Persona 4
No.99: Pokemon Platinum Version
No.100: Persona 3