Persona 5 will be 18.2 GB on PS4, 16.1 GB on PS3, Version Comparisons

The PS3 version of Persona 5

Sony have updated the PlayStation Store listings for Persona 5 revealing the download size for each game. Previously it was reported that the physical PS4 version would require 20GB of space to install, and the PS3 version would require 4.6GB.

Required Capacity

The digital PS4 version of Persona 5 will require 18.2 GB of HDD space for download and installation of the game.

The digital PS3 version of Persona 5 will require 16.1 GB of HDD space for download, however installation of the game will require extra capacity.

Version Comparison

Additionally, the PlayStation Store pages provide the first screenshots of the final PlayStation 3 release of Persona 5, allowing for the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game to be compared side by side.

PlayStation 3 Store Page, PlayStation 4 Store Page

Persona 5 is slated to be released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan on September 15, 2016. It will release in North America and Europe on February 14, 2017, and in traditional Chinese in 2017.