Persona 5 x Identity V Collaboration Part 2 Announced for November 7 to November 28, 2019


Following the teaser trailer released for the second part of the Persona 5 collaboration with the survival horror game Identity V, details for this event have been released.

The first part of the Identity V collaboration began on August 8 and ended on August 29, 2019.

Persona 5 x Identity V Collaboration 2 Trailer

Persona 5 Treasure Chest Collaboration Event 2

Period: November 7, 2019 to November 28, 2019

The second Persona 5 collaboration has started with the second collaboration teasure chest event. Players can  earn items such as UR costume Akechi Goro, SSR costume Makoto Niijima, SSR costume Futaba Sakura, SSR costume Haru Okumura, special actions, icons, and graffiti.

As with the first event, during this collaboration event, all Mystic Essence from Logic Path are replaced with Persona 5 Crossover Essence.

Once the collaboration ends, Persona 5 collaboration essence 2 that appears from the Logic Path will be repleaced with essence of the current season.

Additionally, during this second collaboration event, items and essence from the first collaboration will reappear, such as: UR costume Ren Amamiya, SSR costume Ryuji Sakamoto, SSR costume Ann Takamaki, and SSR costume Yusuke Kitagawa.

Identity V