Persona 5 x Soul Reverse Collaboration Trailer Released


Following the announcement that there would be an upcoming collaboration between Persona 5, the arcade game Soul Reverse, and the mobile RPG Soul Reverse Zero, Sega has released the preview trailer for the events.

P5 x Soul Reverse x Soul Reverse Zero PV

Soul Reverse

From September 13 to September 30, 2018, the following Persona 5 characters will be playable in the 10 vs. 10 player arcade game in Japan:

  • Joker & Arsene
  • Panther & Carmen
  • Fox & Goemon

The official website for the arcade game collaboration can be found here. The Soul Reverse character art can be seen below:

Soul Reverse Zero

From September 3 to September 12, 2018, the following six Persona 5 characters will be playable in the free-to-play mobile RPG:

  • Joker
  • Skull
  • Panther
  • Fox
  • Queen
  • Noir

Mona and Oracle will serve as special assist characters.

The official website for the Soul Reverse Zero mobile RPG collaboration can be found here.