Persona Related Website Domain ‘P5AG’ Removed, Others Inluding ‘P5U’ Renewed


In early 2017 and late 2018, Atlus registered several Persona related website domains through their marketing business partner, Ryu’s Office.

Some of these domains were indications of projects that would go on to be announced and released later, including PQ2.JP (Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth); P3D.JP, P5D.JP, PERSONA-DANCE.JP (Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight), P5R.JP (Persona 5 Royal) and P5S.JP (Persona 5 Strikers).

Now with some of these domain names having been set for expiry on April 30, 2021, Atlus has renewed a few, while leaving others that were present for years seemingly abandoned.

The below domains have been indicated as “suspended,” meaning that the registry has suspended a registrant’s domain name because their email address or contact details could not be verified. With an expiry of May 31, 2021, it is possible that those domains might still be preserved by Atlus before the deadline, however this is the first time since the below domains were created in 2017 that they have not been renewed:

  • P5AG.JP (registered since April 4, 2017, maintained since)
  • P3D.JP (registered since April 18, 2017, maintained since)
  • P5D.JP (registered since April 18, 2017, maintained since)
  • 13C.JP (registered since April 18, 2017, maintained since)

It is unknown what P5AG is or was meant to be (some speculate it was for “Action Game” or “Akechi Goro”), or 13C for that matter (possibly unrelated to Atlus), however it makes sense that the domain names for the rhythm games were abandoned with the existence of the still existing PERSONA-DANCE.JP, which has been renewed for April 30, 2022.

Before and After P5AG Domain Information

Other early 2017 registered domains which have been renewed until April 30, 2022—and which are currently not actual websites (unlike P5R.JP or PERSONA3.JP)—are:

  • P5U.JP

It is notable that P5U (with the Japanese initialism used for the “Arena” fighting game spin-off series for Persona 4, known as P4U) has been renewed, while P5AG has not.

Other outstanding Persona related domain names from October 2018 are P5B.JP and P5M.JP. With their domains set to expire on December 31, 2021, it remains to be seen if those two will also be renewed or suspended as well.

— Via @regularpanties