Persona Magazine P5 Special 2016 Issue Content Overview


A preview of the upcoming Persona Magazine P5 Special 2016 issue releasing on September 8 has been released via the official Persona Magazine website, showing off its contents.

This follows the previously posted details for what will be included in the upcoming Persona 5 themed issue of Persona Official Magazine.

Phantom Thief Members and their Double Lives

P5 Preview 1

As the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” they steal the desire of rotten adults to reform them. A feature showing off illustrations of the characters’ uniforms along with their Phantom Thief costumes and initial personas. Additionally, keywords surrounding the group will be delved into. Furthermore, in addition to the Phantom Thieves, there is information on the inhabitants of the Velvet Room as well as the high school detective interested in the Phantom Thieves. With Shigenori Soejima responsible for the character design, his comments on each character is a must-see.

Fascinating Double Life in the Big City

P5 Preview 2

On a daily basis, the hero lives in the big city as a high school student. There is a large volume of ways to pass the time within the city and the hero’s own room. Spending day-to-day with “coworkers” (Co-op characters) will support the Phantom Thieves, and more commentary from Soejima will be made on this. Additionally, the alternate world “Palace” that is infiltrated by the Phantom Thieves is host to enemies known as “shadows.” With the power of the Phantom Thieves known as “persona,” the dungeon and combat systems are introduced.

Exclusive 3 Creator Production Interview

P5 Preview 3

Katsura Hashino served as the director of this game—taking total command of the game’s production—Shigenori Soejima created the charming characters and personas, and the production team in charge of the high-quality animation segments was Production I.G. All three carried out an interview ahead of the launch of Persona 5. It contains inside stories of the intentions behind the game’s production, which will give a deeper enjoyment of the game after reading. The interview is a must for fans, and it can only be read in Persona Magazine!

Special Postcards and Tribute Plans

P5 Preview 4

The appendix includes a special postcard featuring the illustration originally created for Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 584. It can also be used as a framed decoration. Aside from this, “Persona” tribute illustration plans have been implemented by three tribute illustrators. Additionally, the reader feature “PM Community RETURNS” has changed its title to “PM Co-op.” Of course, the end of the appendix also includes “Tartarus Theater”!

Persona Magazine Cover

Product Details

  • Name: Persona Magazine P5 Special 2016
  • Release Date: September 8, 2016
  • Price: 950 yen (including tax)
  • Publisher: KADOKAWA / ASCII Media Works
  • Language: Japanese

The previous issue of Persona Magazine was #2016 March on February 23, 2016, which featured Persona 3 The MoviePersona 3 and Persona 5.

Persona Official Magazine is an ongoing, Atlus backed magazine about the goings on of the series that releases on an irregular schedule. It had an original run of 11 issues from 2011 to 2012, and it made its return on December 5, 2013 with its #Re:birth issue.