Persona Q2 Announced for the Nintendo 3DS, Features Persona 5

The official teaser website for Persona Q2 has gone live early, announcing the game for the Nintendo 3DS

This game was previously rumored through a domain registration and subsequent updated from Atlus.

No additional information has been revealed, with the ongoing “Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017” live concert presumably ending with the game’s official announcement.


The official website has been launched, with the game being revealed at the Persona Super Live 2017 concert.

According to Famitsu, “Persona Q2” is a tentative title, which might change in the future. The Persona Channel confirms that the game will be released in 2018. No additional details have been given, as of yet.

A silhouette of the main protagonist can be seen in a Famitsu extra issue distributed to those who went to the concert, shown during the “One-Night Only Persona Stalker Club V” live stream, via @RPGSite:

  • Carlos Hernadez Rios

    Dancing gets a preview this does not ? i hate atlus sometimes

    • loli hunter-san ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      This is probably nowhere near finished

    • Shiro
  • mrzeeman321

    Should’ve been on the Switch.

    • TheBraveGallade

      Uh well etrian oddesey games only work on ds/3ds… for now. Atlus hasn’t decided where that series will go, at PQ was a EO game with a persona spin.

    • Ikuza

      Can’t really play Etrian Oddysey games on the Switch and as we all know Persona Q is basically a EO spinoff with a Persona skin. They’re gonna have to be really clever to try and get EO to not die. I mean you can argue that the Switch has touch screen but it’s not the same as the DS/3DS touch screen.

      • It’s possible though. They can just have a little tab at the bottom of the screen and using the touch screen can pull the tab up and view the map. Then pull it down when you’re done.

        • Mesaphrom

          And is not like the touch screen was used for anything else in or out of battle. Oh, wait, just remembered there was the buff/de-buff screen during battle too, but that can also be change to another button.

          Still don’t wanna buy a switch for only 2-3 games though.

        • Ikuza

          Have you ever played EO? You think I didn’t consider that? That would take away a lot of the feel. Having the map just underneath felt great, it makes it quick and smooth. Having to open up the map all the time like a regular RPG would feel tedious and I dare say make EO feel boring. Not to mention that you could also draw the map while being in a battle so if you were drawing something and a random batle wouldn’t interupt your work.

          Also can’t compare drawing on the 3DS with a stylus on a screen meant for that to the Switch’s screen.

  • Vallen

    Nice, but I’m way more hype for P3 Dance <3

  • Evinlse D. Nosirah

    Still haven’t finished PQ Shadow of Labyrinth…

  • LunaticCaius

    i cried tears of joy as soon as i saw these 3 games (i way to in love with the persona series xD)

  • disqus_JA1g8NhzsK

    Was kind of hoping for a remastered Persona 3

    • Mesaphrom

      And I want a remaster of the raidou games and DDS but I am not complaining.


  • Edgar