Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Information Summary, Screenshots, Character Introductions


Atlus has released a large number of direct feed screenshots for the upcoming Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, as part of a Japanese press release.

The dream meeting of Persona 3, 4, 5! Welcome to the movie world (Labyrinth).

The latest RPG in the Persona series! A new storyline in Persona Q, this time focusing on P5.

The most number of party members in the Persona series with a total of 28 people!

A dream RPG where P3, P4, and P5 characters meet to unravel the mystery begins!

What is Persona Q?

The Persona RPG crossed with the systems of Etrian Odyssey, which can be fully enjoyed with the Nintendo 3DS!

Form your own party!

Switch Personas for a variety of tactics!

Conquer the dungeon while drawing a map

Move forward while solving traps.

Persona 5 Character Introductions & Illustrations

P5 Protagonist (voiced by Jun Fukuyama)

The leader of the Phantom Thieves. He can switch personas with the power of the wild card.

Morgana (voiced by Ikue Ōtani)

A black cat whose existence is a mystery…? Loves treasure and has the heart of a thief.

Ryuji Sakamoto (voiced by Mamoru Miyano)

The lead marauder of the Phantom Thieves. He is irritable and has a rough behavior and speech, but he is kind and gets things done.

Ann Takamaki (voiced by Nana Mizuki)

A pretty girl who is a quarter American. She has a straightforward and honest personality.

Yusuke Kitagawa (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)

Because of his unique sensibilities, he is a little offbeat. This game will also be full of his antics.

Makoto Niijima (voiced by Rina Sato)

Keen, collected, and with a strong set of morals, she is a natural honour student who serves as the student council president.

Futaba Sakura (voiced by Aoi Yūki)

She navigates the Phantom Thieves using her extraordinary computing power and genius programming skills.

Haru Okumura (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu)

The daughter of the president of a major restaurant franchise. She has an elegant and gentle appearance, but she is a little naive about the world.

Goro Akechi (voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi)

Despite being a high school student, he is also an ace detective. He demonstrates his deductive powers even as a member of the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 4 Character Introductions & Illustrations

Persona 4 Protagonist (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) & Yosuke Hanamura (voiced by Showtaro Morikubo)

  • P4 Hero: A second year high school student who moved to the countryside. He’s pursuing the mystery of a serial murder case which occurred in the town.
  • Yosuke: A classmate of the P4 Protagonist, Chie, and Yukiko. A mood maker with a cheerful personality.

Yukiko Amagi (voiced by Ami Koshimizu) & Chie Satonaka (voiced by Yui Horie)

  • Yukiko: The only daughter of a long-established hot springs inn called the Amagi Inn, which she helps out with after school.
  • Chie: Born and raised in Inaba, she has a good relationship with Yukiko. She loves meat and kung fu.

Rise Kujikawa (voiced by Rie Kugimiya) & Teddie (voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi)

  • Rise: A popular idol, who’s name is known nationwide. She suddenly moves to Yasogami High School.
  • Teddie: A mysterious being living inside another world inside the TV. It looks like a costume, but what is inside…?

Kanji Tatsumi (voiced by Tomokazu Seki) & Naoto Shirogane (voiced by Romi Park)

  • Kanji: There’s a rumour that he crushed an entire biker gang by himself. A problem child, who these days acts as a tough guy and a lone wolf.
  • Naoto: The fifth generation of Shirogane detectives that have been working as detectives for generations, as well as a first-year in high school.

Persona 3 Character Introductions & Illustrations

Persona 3 Protagonist (voiced by Akira Ishida) & Yukari Takeba (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi)

  • P3 Hero: A second year high school student who moved into the dorms of Gekkoukan High School. He awakens to the power of persona after being attacked by shadows.
  • Yukari: The protagonist’s classmate who also lives in the same dormitory. Unyielding, but with a bright and positive personality.

Junpei Iori (voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi) & Mitsuru Kirijo (voiced by Rie Tanaka)

  • Junpei: Classmates with the hero and Yukari. An upbeat boy who easily gets carried away.
  • Mitsuru: A third year and student council president at Gekkoukan High School who has a dignified personality. She is also the daughter of the founder of a large company known as the “Kirijo Group.”

Akihiko Sanada (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa) & Ken Amada (voiced by Megumi Ogata)

  • Akihiko: A third year at Gekkoukan High School. He is the head of the boxing team. Training and protein are his favourite things.
  • Ken: A student of the Gekkoukan Elementary School. Despite being a young fifth grader in primary school, he has aptitude as a persona user.

Fuuka Yamagishi (voiced by Mamiko Noto) & Koromaru (voiced by ???)

  • Fuuka: In her second year at Gekkoukan High School. A girl with a shy personality who supports everyone with her navigation ability.
  • Koromaru: Lived as a stray for a long time after losing his owner in an accident. Awakens to a persona and fights alongside the heroes.

Shinjiro Araki (voiced by Kazuya Nakai) & Aigis (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto)

  • Shinjiro: A third year at Gekkoukan High School. Old friends with Sanada, but is on a leave of absence for a certain reason.
  • Aigis: A humanoid weapon with an ego. Created to combat shadows.

Persona 3 Portable joins the cast as well!

Persona 3 Female Protagonist (voiced by Marina Inoue)

Another main character that can be selected in Persona 3 Portable, released for the PSP in 2009.

People from different worlds.

A fateful encounter.

She is a key figure who is greatly involved in the game this time!?


The characters find themselves trapped in a movie world. Is it one girl who holds the key…?

The Phantom Thieves were exploring Mementos one day, but they suddenly lose control of the Morgana Car and are sucked into a mysterious space.

The place is an unknown location, and the characters find themselves in a town where enemies they’ve never seen before roam.

Managing to escape, the Phantom Thieves find themselves in a strange movie theater without an exit.

There, they find a black-haired girl in white clothes called “Nagi,” and a despondent girl called “Hikari.”

The two tell them that they have come out of the movie…

Lost in a movie theatre without an exit.

People with the same power meet, as if they were guided by something.

Their encounter strengthens them.

The two women encountered in a mysterious cinema

Hikari (voiced by Misato Fukuen) & Nagi (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)

  • Hikari: A girl in the movie theater where the persona users strayed. She is unable to leave Nagi’s side, since she is not good at communicating with people.
  • Nagi: Manager of a movie theater who is suddenly trapped in the cinema with Hikari. She is also confused by the events occuring at the theater.

Hikari and Nagi meet up in the movie theater where the Phantom Thieves get lost.

They cannot hide their surprise as they come out of the movie.

Who is in the projection room…?

Nagi says that the shop is different from what it was before. It seems that there’s something useful for the Phantom Thieves.

The mysterious creature in the screening room…?

Doe (voiced by ???)

A strange creature in the projection room. It shows movies to Hikari and Nagi. It never talks when spoken to or responds to touch.

What was in the projection room was not a person, but a strange creature. It seems that he (?) is the one behind the movie.

For what purpose is Doe keeping the movie running…?

First-come, first-served DLC

“Persona 3, 4, 5 Battle BGM Set”

Battle songs in the game can be changed to other music from the series!

Persona 3

  • [Persona 3] Mass Destruction
  • [Persona 3] Wiping All Out
  • [Persona Q] Light the Fire Up in the Night “Dark Hour”

Persona 4

  • [Persona 4] Reach Out To The Truth
  • [Persona 4 Golden] Time To Make History
  • [Persona Q] Light the Fire Up in the Night “Midnight Channel”

Persona 5

  • [Persona 5] Last Surprise
  • [Persona 5] Life Will Change
  • [Persona 5] Will Power

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has been announced for a Nintendo 3DS release in Japan on November 29, 2018.

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