Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Pre-order Retail Bonus List for Japan


The official website for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has been updated with a complete list of all the available pre-order bonuses offered at different Japanese retailers.

Animate Online Shop

Pin Badge Set (4 pieces)

Rubber Strap Set (3 pieces) + Masking Tape Set (2 pieces) – Limited Edition

Amazon Japan

Original Nintendo 3DS Theme


Acrylic Diorama Stand

Imagine Webshop

Character Stand

Ebten / Atlus D Shop

Famitsu DX Pack


  • Jigsaw Puzzle (300 pieces)
  • Rock Glass Wild Set (4 pieces)
  • Can Badges Set (4 pieces)
  • Canvas Flat Pouch


A4 Clear File


Quo Card

Joshin Net Shopping

Original Nintendo 3DS Theme

Stella Worth

Micro Fiber Towel


B2 Tapestry

Game Shop Takarajima

Can Badge Set (4 pieces)

Dengeki Online Shop

Dengeki Special Pack


  • B2 Tapestry
  • Main Character Acrylic Key Holder Set (4 types)
  • Original Design Pass Case
  • Phantom Thief Emblem Leather Charm


B3 Poster Calendar

B2 Fabric Poster

Family Mart

Acrylic Key Holder

Futaba Books

Acrylic Badge Set (2 types, 1 set – 4 sets total)


Clear Pouch


Rubber Mat + Boa Fabric Pouch + Muffler Towel

All first-print copies of the game will include free background music DLC for battle themes from previous games in the series, along with a Nintendo 3DS theme:

Persona 3

  • [Persona 3] Mass Destruction
  • [Persona 3] Wiping All Out
  • [Persona Q] Light the Fire Up in the Night “Dark Hour”

Persona 4

  • [Persona 4] Reach Out To The Truth
  • [Persona 4 Golden] Time To Make History
  • [Persona Q] Light the Fire Up in the Night “Midnight Channel”

Persona 5

  • [Persona 5] Last Surprise
  • [Persona 5] Life Will Change
  • [Persona 5] Will Power

3DS Theme

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has been announced for a Nintendo 3DS release in Japan on November 29, 2018.