Persona Q2 Still Only Slated for Release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2018


Recently, there have been erroneous reports that Atlus had changed the description for Persona Q2 on their Persona series page, with the platform listing “TBD” instead of “3DS,” leading people to believe the game could be released for different platforms than the originally announced 3DS.

However, since the game’s announcement in August 2017, the platform listed of “To be determined” had not been changed (as can be seen through Web Archive).

In the wake of the rumors, Atlus has updated their website descriptions for Persona Q2 within the past 24 hours, removing “TBD” and properly listing it as a Nintendo 3DS game.

Persona Series Page: Original Description (left) and Updated Description (right)

Persona Channel Announcement Post: Original Description (left) and Updated Description (right)

The recent Atlus consumer survey released in January 2018 listed Persona Q2 as a 3DS title, and in Nintendo’s “Earnings Release for Fiscal Year Ended March 2018 – Supplementary Information” document, Persona Q2 is listed as an upcoming 3DS title for their third party software lineup.

Basically, as initially announced, Persona Q2 is still slated as a Nintendo 3DS title set for release in 2018, in Japan, and nothing has changed.