Persona Stalker Club Episode 23 Released, Features Persona Snow Festival 2016


As announced previously, the first Persona Stalker Club talk show episode of 2016 has been released, featuring the Persona 3 The Movie Ryuoo Night Tour” ski event that took place earlier this month.

This follows episode 22, which featured special guest Megumi Toyoguchi and Shin Megami Tensei IV Final.

This episode is a shorter one, primarily about the Persona Snow Festival 2016 event on January 16. After a special game was held by the name of “SEES Special Expedition” during the afternoon—where a special app was used to find shadows—a public edition of the Persona Stalker Club occurred in the evening.


Similar to last month’s episode which featured Ikue Ōtani—the voice actress of Morgana in Persona 5—talking about her role, this episode features Ryuji Sakamoto’s voice actor Mamoru Miyano delivering a special message. He discusses how he likes the character Ryuji and thinks fans will enjoy the interesting story.

Ryuji Sakamoto PSC

The songs episode 23’s regular “misheard lyrics” segment riffs on this time are:

  • “P3 FES” from Persona 3 FES
  • “Tranquility” from Persona 3
  • “Deep Mentality” from Persona 3

This episode’s Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey artist) art for the misheard lyrics segment.

Additional Yuji Himukai art for this episode’s misheard lyrics segment.

Persona Stalker Club is an official Persona talk show, produced by Katsura Hashino and co-produced by P Studio, with hosts Mafia Kajita (writer) and Tomomi Isomura (voice actor) who are both Persona fans. They talk about a variety of Persona related topics, and they will often discuss with special guests who are involved with the series.