Persona Stalker Club V Episode 5 Trailer Features Hashino and Soejima, October 31 Release


Atlus has released a preview trailer for this month’s episode of the Persona Stalker Club V talk show, which will be released on October 31. The upcoming episode will feature Katsura Hashino (Persona series director) and Shigenori Soejima (Persona series artist).

This will follow the fourth episode of Persona Stalker Club V last month, which covered the Persona 5 launch event at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Preview Trailer

The hosts will be interviewing Hashino and Soejima on the development of Persona 5. The unknown truth of the creative process behind a certain character will be revealed.

FRESH! by Abema TV

Additionally, Atlus has opened an official channel on the FRESH! video service, where they will also be releasing the episode along with the usual Niconico release.


Persona Stalker Club is an official Persona talk show since February 28, 2014. It is produced by Katsura Hashino and co-produced by P Studio, with hosts Mafia Kajita (writer) and Tomomi Isomura (voice actor) who are both Persona fans. They talk about a variety of Persona related topics, and they will often discuss with special guests who are involved with the series. The show was renamed to Persona Stalker Club V, for Persona 5, with its debut episode on June 30, 2016.

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