Persona Super Live 2015 Blu-ray Release Date, Persona 4: Dancing All Night “Advanced CD” Announced


Episode 14 of the Persona Stalker Club confirmed a DVD and Blu-ray release of the Persona Super Live 2015 concert which took place in February.

Following that, the latest Persona Magazine #2015 July issue, which released on June 29, has announced the release date of August 26 for it, as well as the Persona 4: Dancing All Night official soundtrack labeled “ADVANCED CD.”

Persona Magazine PSL2015Persona Super Live 2015

The Blu-ray and DVD release for Persona Super Live 2015 will include backstage video from the concert, as well as live footage from when Persona 5 was announced at the concert (which can be seen in episode 13 of Persona Stalker Club).

There will also be a 2-disc CD set release which includes music from the concert.

Product Details

  • Product: Persona Super Live 2015 in Nippon Budokan: Night of the Phantom
  • Label: Mastard Records
  • Release Date: August 26, 2015
  • Blu-ray Price: 6,000 yen
  • DVD Price: 5,000 yen
  • CD Set Price: 2,900 yen

The track list is as follows:

  1. Dance!
  2. Break Out Of…
  4. Mass Destruction
  5. Burn My Dread
  6. Jika Net Tanaka
  7. Pursuing My True Self
  8. Your Affection
  9. Shadow World
  10. Fog
  11. Laser Beam
  12. Fate Is In Our Hands
  13. Dazzling Smile
  14. One Hand, One Heartbeat
  15. P4A & P4AU Medley (including The Battle for Everyone’s Souls ~ USH ver. ~, Shadows of the Labyrinth, A Fool Or Clown? and Heatful Cry -in Mayonaka Arena-)
  16. Never More
  17. Changing Me
  18. Memories of You
  19. Time To Make History
  20. Deep Breath Deep Breath
  21. Today


  1. Light the Fire Up in the Night – DARK HOUR
  2. Light the Fire Up in the Night – MAYONAKA
  3. Reach Out To The Truth

Persona 4: Dancing All Night “Advanced CD”

P4D Advanced CDPersona Magazine Advanced CD

The official 2-disc soundtrack for Persona 4: Dancing All Night was included with the game’s “Crazy Value Pack” and “Premium Crazy Boxlimited edition releases. The release date for the individual release of the soundtrack labeled “Advanced CD” has been announced for July 29.

There will also be a 3-disc collector’s edition of the release.

Product Details

  • Product: Persona 4: Dancing All Night -ADVANCED CD-
  • Label: Mastard Records
  • Release Date: July 29, 2015
  • Standard Release Price: 2,000 yen
  • Collector’s Edition Price: 4,500 yen

Track list

  1. Dance! –Long Mix-
  2. Backside Of The TV (Lotus Juice Remix) -Long Mix-
  3. SNOWFLAKES (NARASAKI Remix) -Long Mix-
  4. Signs Of Love (TK Remix) -Long Mix-
  5. Time To Make History (AKIRA YAMAOKA Remix) -Long Mix-
  6. Heaven (Norihiko Hibino Remix) -Long Mix-
  7. NOW I KNOW (Yuu Miyake Remix) -Long Mix-
  8. Best Friends (Banvox Remix) -Long Mix-
  9. Pursuing My True Self (Shinichi Osawa Remix) -Long Mix-
  10. Heartbeat, Heartbreak (TOWA TEI Remix)
  11. Your Affection (Daisuke Asakura Remix)
  12. Shadow World (DE DE MOUSE shadow swing mix) -Long Mix-
  13. Signs Of Love (Funky HOME Mix)
  14. True Story (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)
  15. fog (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
  16. Heartbeat, Heartbreak (Cloudy Step Mix)
  17. Reach Out To The Truth (”bright outer world” Mix)

P4D Advanced CD CE

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