Persona Team Expresses Interest in Implementing AI Generated Art in Development


Earlier this month, Sega Asia conducted an interview with the Persona series creative director and producer Kazuhisa Wada. The interview was focused on port development and the future of the franchise.

The Atlus Asia Facebook account has recently released an additional snippet that was not included in the original interview, asking what Wada’s hobbies and interests are.

Wada talks about cycling being a primary hobby of his, however his current interest gave some insight into P Studio’s observations regarding artificial intelligence generated artwork and how it could apply to game development.

Q: What are your recent hobbies and interests?

Wada: It’s not something that I started recently, but I still cycle pretty often. Before, I sometimes used to bike from my house to work and back, which is a 120-kilometer round trip. In this season (winter), making campfires is pretty fun. I like to go to camping sites to build campfires and cook delicious food.

As for what I’m interested in, the progress of AI has been quite intriguing. I think the technology behind AI illustrations will be very useful in the future. For example, when coming up with rough ideas, an AI can continuously output one idea after another, something that a single artist might struggle with. So I think that for early concept and idea formation, we could use AI right away. Our art team has been talking about wanting to implement AI.

With the advent of AI generated art, the Persona Team has shown interest in implementing its technology, at least for rough ideas and concept work at a faster rate when it comes to their projects.

Atlus Asia