Persona Videos Being Removed from Youtube Due to Russian Actress


Starting a few days ago, Let’s Plays, gameplay, soundtrack and any other kind of Persona related videos have been removed from Youtube because of copyright claims reported from the owner of this Youtube channel: a Russian sketch comedian and news presenter called Svetlana Daw.

Entire Youtube accounts have been taken down such as Slayer0 or TheUltimateOneJPS, which uploaded Persona music such as remixes. Others, such as devilmaylol, have been forced to delete all of its hosted Persona music videos.

Svetlana Daw is apparently associated with a brand by the name of “Persona Stars”, according to a website sharing its name, which may be the reason behind her copyright claims. Additionally, videos unrelated to Persona but associated with the Atlus brand such as Shin Megami Tensei and Catherine are also being removed from Youtube.

Hopefully, Atlus steps in soon enough to halt what is most certainly a dubious endeavor.