Persora: The Golden Best 4 Concept Album Cover Art, Details


Following its announcement in July along with the sample of its cover art shown in last month’s Persona Stalker Club V episode, the official cover art for the “Persora: The Golden Best 4” concept album has been revealed.


Like the firstsecond and third concept albums, “Persora” is based on the popular “Persona Misheard Lyrics” segment of the Persona Stalker Club, which consists of the hosts Mafia Kajita and Tomomi Isomura—as well as guests—misinterpreting English lyrics from Persona songs.

The cover art is illustrated by Etrian Odyssey series artist Yuji Himukai, and it is based on art from the Persona Stalker Club‘s popular “misheard lyrics” segments.

Song List

  1. Break Out of… [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax]
  2. P3 FES [Persona 3 FES]
  3. Your Affection [Persona 4]
  4. Tranquility [Persona 3]
  5. Deep Mentality [Persona 3]
  6. Best Friends (Banvox Remix) [Persona 3: Dancing All Night]
  7. Today [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax]
  8. Knights of the Holy Lance (PERSORA Ver.) [Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP]
  9. Calystegia [Persona 4: Dancing All Night]
  10. Your Memory [Persona 3]
  11. Dance! [Live] [Persona Super Live 2015 in Nippon Budokan -Night of the Phantom-]
  12. Shadow World [Live] [Persona Music FES 2013 in Nippon Budokan]
  13. So Baby Go For it, Feel The Vibe! [Persona 4: Dancing All Night]
  14. PSCV Opening Theme *Bonus Track
  15. Reach Out To The Truth (Christmas Arrange) *Bonus Track

Product Details

  • Release Date: November 2, 2016
  • Price: 4,600 yen
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Happinet
  • Amazon Japan Link