PlayStation Japan Mascot Toro Visits Atlus Office and Morgana


The official PlayStation Japan Twitter account has posted that the company’s mascot, Toro, has visited Atlus in Japan in search of valuable Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers information.

As a result, several pictures featuring the Sony mascot Toro and the Persona 5 mascot Morgana have been posted through both the PlayStation Japan and official Persona series Twitter accounts.

Morgana welcoming Toro at the reception area. (@PlayStation_jp)

Morgana showing Toro to the a conference room with a nice view, where Persona 5 Scramble meetings would be held. (@PlayStation_jp)

Morgana introducing Toro to the bar corner of the employee cafeteria. Forgetting the purpose of the visit, the both played Persona 5 Royal darts. (@PlayStation_jp)

Toro forgot about the valuable Persona 5 Scramble information he was searching for, but seems to have been satisfied with his time with Morgana.

Morgana thanking Toro for the visit and wishing for continued good terms with him. (@p_kouhou)

Alongside this visit, Atlus reminds customers that orders for the Persona 5 Royal limited edition original design PlayStation 4 model will end next week on December 25, 2019.