Potential Persona 5 Spin-off Website Domains Registered, Including ‘P5D’, ‘P5U’ [Update]

Update (2017-05-04): It’s been discovered that Atlus has also recently registered the following internet domain names as of May 1, 2017:

  • persona3.jp
  • persona4.jp
  • persona-dance.com
  • p5ag.com
  • persona9.com
  • persona10.com


Atlus has recently registered several Persona series related domain names through RyusOffice, a marketing solutions business partner for the games industry.

RyusOffice has helped Atlus for previous events in the past, such as the production and planning of the November 24, 2013 “Persona Channel News Flash” and February 5, 2015 “News Flash! Persona Channel 2015” events. They have helped Atlus with trailers, management and creative strategies since 2006 with Persona 3, and they registered the official website for Project Re Fantasy.

Projects RyusOffice has worked with Atlus for.

Click to enlarge.

The new domains—registered in April 2017—are registered by Atlus through RyusOffice, and that is known through the address and the onamae DNS host, which matches previous Atlus registered domains. They include the following:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


WHOIS domain search information:


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WHOIS domain search information:

Website domains are officially registered for security or other business purposes, without ever actually manifesting themselves through a true website (such as the Atlus Asia domains and the Megaten MMO domains). The domain names for “Persona 8,” “Persona 9,” and “Persona 10” were most likely registered now as a preemptive measure to prevent others from registering the domains and squatting them before Atlus could own them.

However, many of these websites correlate to a consumer survey Atlus released in February 2017, where they asked fans if they would be interested in the following titles:

Q53: Please select all that applies for proposed Persona series titles below.

The games are the following:

  1. “Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Eternal Punishment” HD console remake
  2. Completely new “Persona 6”
  3. “Persona 5” dance game (sound action)
  4. New Persona fighting game for “Persona 5” [Kazuhisa Wada previously stated that he would definitely want to make Persona 5 fighting game]
  5. “Persona 3” HD console remake
  6. “Persona 1” HD console remake
  7. “Persona” series board game
  8. “Persona” series online game
  9. “Persona” series shooting game
  10. “Persona 5” with added scenarios and new elements
  11. Continuation of “Persona Q” and remake to other platforms
  12. “Persona 3” dance game (sound action) [Kazuhisa Wada previously stated that they would consider a Persona 3 dancing game if Persona 4: Dancing All Night did well]

Hints of the Future

There was an interview with DJ Taku Takahashi in February, where he stated he had remixed Persona 5 music for what could be “the next game.” This section of the interview was subsequently edited to remove any Persona 5 mention.


Atlus has stated that they have Persona titles in development, such as Atlus production manager Naoto Hiraoka stating that “the next step for it [after Persona 5] is already in preparation, so stay tuned!”, and that they would have unannounced Persona projects to reveal in the near future.


New P Studio designer, with the initial “S. A”, stated in an interview:

What I am working on now is the design of costumes worn by characters in a new game. While taking into consideration the personality and features of a character, I am creating designs that will also surprise players.

She was responsible for the Persona 5 DLC costume designs.


Kazuhisa Wada, the producer and director of the Persona 4 Arena series and Persona 4: Dancing All Night, stated at the start and the end of 2016 that it was a “year of preparation” for his next project.


There will be a large-scale Persona concert on August 2, 2017. The previous concert of its scale featured the debut of the first Persona 5 preview trailer, at “Persona Super Live 2015 ~ in Nippon Budokan: Night of the Phantom.”

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  • TechaNinja

    Me thinks they are in the early preparations for planning the games and these are the ones that they are possibly able to make, pending the final results of the survey.

  • Luneth

    “What I am working on now is the design of costumes worn by characters in a new game. While taking into consideration the personality and features of a character, I am creating designs that will also surprise players.” would likely be referring to costume designs for the P4 characters in a new Arena game. I don’t think they’d mention the designs surprising players unless they were characters that the players were already familiar with.

  • vitflamo

    P5R? A Persona Racing Game?

    • Fruit salad

      Persona 5 Racing All Afternoon ?

      • vitflamo

        Phantom Racers?

        • Bunny-Boo

          Phantom rampage?

          • Sathea

            Persona 5 Red?

    • Astraye

      Phantom raper

  • Kalkano

    Dancing/Fighting/Q2 = Pass. Sorry, just not interested.

  • Persona 8,9 and 10 confirmed
    Seriously though, I really want these ideas pls

  • James Li

    I want P3FES on Vita not that dancing horseshit

    • BabyMagnum

      I want no Persona 3 FES at all I want Mara kart racing.

  • Felipe

    They’ve registered 8, 9 and 10…
    … What if Persona 6 and 7 are actually Persona 5 sequels? lol
    No, I don’t think so…

    • Shitposting Naoto

      Persona 6 is Persona 5 because persona 2 has 2 games

  • Onigiri

    Persona 5 fighting game with P3 nd P4 cast would be great. I’m also looking foward to P3FES on Vita or Ps4, since there’s no P3FES on the PS4 store.

  • Ryan

    I’m honestly most excited for Persona 5 The Ultimate, after we never got Persona 4 The Ultimax 2.0 We really need a new Persona fighting game to revive the Persona fighting scene.

    That will probably hold me over until Project Re: Fantasy.

  • Vallen

    P5 Ultimax
    P3 Dance
    P3 Vita HD
    Make it happen atlus, MAKE IT

  • Valwin Mediaz

    Seen how the color of the game is red Persona 5 Red seems to be the name of the update version that probably add the Neon arcana and extra plot

  • Kiri x Mayu

    Oh my god!!! A Persona 3 HD Remaster. Atlus you’re getting my money no questions asked. So Persona 6 is in the drawing board it seems, too fast, but hey more Persona the better.

  • Shadowriver

    Look like they just reserving domains, but considering they register specific letters means they got some ideas for future projects (aside obviues reservation of P8, P9 and P10)

  • ScarletGamer 22

    I think P5R is like Persona 4 Golden… For P5R is like Persona 5 Ruby or…. Persona 5 Red. I think….

  • Clint McKee

    I would love it if P5 got a direct sequel, Haru needs the development!

  • Andrew Santos

    so now P5/P3 Dancing games and PQ 2 are officially confirmed to be released
    now we wait for remakes