Preliminary Shin Megami Tensei V Information from Famitsu Interview Leak [Update]

Update (2017-10-24): Further details on the Shin Megami Tensei V interview have been provided by Hachima Kikou, and translated by Gematsu.

Following the recent announcement of Shin Megami Tensei V for the Nintendo Switch, and as confirmed previously, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine will feature a developer interview for the game.

A “flying get” leak of information from the interview has been provided by Ryokutya2089.

Shin Megami Tensei V Information

  • The development lead is Kazuyuki Yamai [the director of Shin Megami Tensei IV].
  • The concept behind SMT V is to reexamine the trends of the times.
  • The reason that the game is being developed for the Switch is that it is simple to play HD-quality games with ease, considering the portability. Whether the story is enjoyed on a TV, or the player is in a demon fusion session, etc. Yamai wants the player to enjoy the game as they wish.
  • Information on the development time or characters has not yet been announced.
  • Using Unreal Engine [4] for development has considerably reduced the amount of time the game will take to make. But it is still a long ways off.


  • The first Shin Megami Tensei title was released in October, 25 years ago. We wanted to tell everyone that the Shin Megami Tensei series will continue, so we used this timing to make the announcement.
  • One of the directions we are taking with Shin Megami Tensei V is to reexamine the “characteristics of the era.” There are surely many people frustrated by troubles both at home and abroad, such as anxiety about finding a job and getting old, or terrorists and nuclear weapons. I want to make a Shin Megami Tensei game that can sympathize with such an era. That is our challenge.
  • The keywords “Shekinah Glory,” which appeared in the trailer, literally translate to “miracle of God.” When you actually play it and have these keywords in your head, I think you will be able to feel their true meaning.
  • Shinagawa Station is one spot where modern day Tokyo is well represented. Of course, it is also involved in the story.
  • This is the first time Atlus is using Unreal Engine 4. The game development environment has changed dramatically, and you can check what you made immediately on the game screen, allowing us to cut down on a lot of time working over ideas and trial-and-error. I’m really grateful to have been introduced to it.
  • Nintendo Switch is a lovely platform where you can play high-definition quality games and freely carry the hardware from place to place.
  • Classic elements like demon fusion will of course be included. We are also considering new elements.
  • Since this is the first Shin Megami Tensei game on a home console in a long time, I want to deliver a hybrid game that combines the profound appeal of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and the popular training elements of Shin Megami Tensei IV and the like.
  • At this point, we can’t even say it’s “Coming Soon!” yet, so please wait a little while longer.

— Ryokutya2089, Hachima KikouGematsu

  • aVid Antlion

    Good to see Yamai back on the horse again, and UE4 speeding up development is good news! Would have liked to see a little more of the game itself though.

  • Le blonde shaman

    >I want to make a Shin Megami Tensei game that can sympathize with such an era. That is our challenge.

    Ded game, ded everything.

    • Ludovic Castro

      Shin Megami Tensei has always done that, though. Nocturne in particular was a reflection of the times for Kaneko.

  • Senpai Otaku

    SO YHVH again eh? i wish it could be someone else as the final boss like Satan

    • Kalkano

      This is why I continue to avoid the series. I gave in to Persona, but as a Christian, I feel SMT is too much for me.

      • Senpai Otaku

        Really? i dont really have any issues with the SMT games so far but i havent heard of people abstaining from it due to religious beliefs before.

        Isnt YHVH the jewish god? if so why does that upset you?Your a christian right? im just curious and i dont mean to offend you in any way.

        • Javier Campos

          YHVH is the true name of god across all forms of religion that worship him. You might be thinking of Yaldabaoth which is the name for the old testament god in the hebrew bible, and is often seen as the ‘false god’.

          And I kind of understand why someone would abstain from SMT for religious reasons. It’s very, I guess the words I would use, anti-religon. Not in the sense that ‘religon is bad and that we should believe in no god’ but rather blind faith will mostly end up poorly. That’s what I feel anyways.

          • Senpai Otaku

            YHVH isnt the true name of GOD for all religions. Im sure the greeks and hindus have different names. YHVH only applies to Jews and Christians.

            And yeah i get you. The game does essentially have you take on GOD and Satan.

          • Jayson Tomas

            Read what he said, YHVH is the true name of God in all religions that worship him, not all religions.

          • Senpai Otaku

            ohh my bad

        • Kalkano

          The main difference between Jews and Christians is Jesus. Jews believe he was nothing more than a prophet (at least, I think that’s what they believe, but am not even close to an expert on Judaism). Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God.

          • YHVH (or YHWH) is the transcription of the four hebraic letters yod, he, waw, he that are the four letters of the tetragrammmaton, the true name of the God of Israel in the Old Testament that mustn’t be pronounced. You usually don’t see it in translated Bibles because it is translated as “Lord” (because when you read the Old Testament in hebrew and come upon the tetragrammaton, you read it as “Adonai” which is the hebraic word for “Lord”). Sometimes YHWH is translated as Jehovah or Yahweh, though.

          • Senpai Otaku

            Oh okay i see.

            Well i also hadnt heard of Yaldabaoth prior to beating P5.

            I played SMT IV and FINAL and to me they never felt Anti Jew or Christian

          • Kalkano

            Warning: wall of text.

            So, to give some perspective on how a Christian sees these sorts of things, almost all JRPGs bug me to a certain degree. Why? Because almost all of them have you “kill God”. Thing is, certain things make that easier to shrug off than others.

            For example, most JRPGs take place in a completely fictional world. That alone makes it easy to suspend my disbelief. Also, Japanese people seem to use the word “god” simply to refer to a very powerful being. And most JRPG villains are simply whackos who think of themselves as gods, which is proven wrong the instant you successfully attack them (nevermind KILL them).

            I even remember one particular final boss yelling “A god cannot die!” when he was near death. And I audibly said, “You’re absolutely right; a god cannot die” right before delivering the final blow.

            Now, things get a lot more complicated when the game takes place in the real world. The game may be saying that so-and-so is God, but I know that to be false. So, there is a disconnect between the story the game is telling, and the one I’m interpeting, that (sometimes) throws the story completely out-of-whack.

            It gets even more complicated with a series like Persona, that involves actual demons, and Satan himself. That kept me away from the series for a LOOOOOOOONG time. I remember thinking, before playing it, that if the “protagonists” team up with demons to fight, that automatically makes them “antagonists”.

            But, I now see that at least they are not REALLY those demons, but manifestations of how humans perceive those demons. Still, I have refused to get the Satan and Lucifer personas in every game, because it just makes my skin crawl.

            Now, add on top of that some games that actually try to say that God (the real God) is evil and must be destroyed, and then have you do just that, and there is no amount of mental gymnastics that I can do to make the story make any kind of sense to me.

            And, the responses I usually get to stuff like this is, “It’s just a game”, and “Don’t take it so seriously”. Well, in those specific instances, I take it very seriously, and that will not change.

          • Senpai Otaku

            I understand where your coming from. I myself would probably stop playing SMT if they intruded on my religion. But that hasn’t happened yet.

          • Robbin

            Man, I’m in the same boat as you; it’s nice seeing I’m not the only one who’s had an issue with this.

            I really want to get into the rest of the SMT series cause I love the gameplay, etc. but a lot of it makes me really uncomfortable for the reasons you described. I understand that there’s a separation between reality and fiction, but I also feel like there’s certain things I just don’t need to be dealing with. This sort of thing is definitely a gray area, and maybe certain things aren’t as bad as I make them out to be, but once fiction hits a certain point it just doesn’t sit well with me, and I can’t enjoy it regardless of whether it’s “okay” by some kind of arbitrarily objective standard or not.

          • Kalkano

            I think most Christian gamers just avoid stuff like this altogether, which is why it’s hard to find someone who feels the same.

  • Ultiplex Threshold™

    I am very happy that they confindently said they want to make a game with the profound appeal of SMT Nocturne. Though this doesn’t exactly SAY it will play like it, which is what I’m curious of.

  • Dant Pointy

    Fuck Yamai’s back

    Prepare for more bullshit

    • Tizawoot

      Yamai has been working on the series for more than 15 years, he’s a wonderful director/writer and I’m really glad he is the lead for this game because his games are actually great

    • Matteste

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • DeadLineDance

      Yep. We’re screwed.