New Collaboration Primaniacs Perfumes Feature Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, Persona 5 Royal


Japanese fragrance company Primaniacs has announced a new collaboration with Atlus to release another collection of Persona series fragrances for Persona 3 Portable‘s female protagonist, Persona 4‘s Ryotaro Dojima, Persona 4‘s Nanako Dojima, and Persona 5 Royal‘s Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Each bottle, with 30 ml of content, will cost 5,417 yen (excluding tax). Test distributions for the fragrances will begin at the Primaniacs main Ginza store on June 18, 2020 and last until August 18, 2020. The release of the perfumes at Primaniacs stores will be on September 4, 2020.

The top, middle, and base notes for each of the perfume fragrances have been listed.

Heroine (P3P)

A sparkling fragrance that lightly expands, like the appearance of a bursting smile.

Rise and go forth, with the gentle tenderness one wants to cuddle up to, along with the subtle strength which makes you feel dependable.

.A bright fragrance that illuminates the path forward, just like a ray of hope.

  • TOP:Cassis, Peach, Green Apple, Raspberry
  • MIDDLE:Rose, Muguet, Jasmine, Apricot
  • LAST:Cedarwood, Heliotrope, Amber, Musk

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Ryotaro Dojima (P4)

A fragrance reminiscent of the lingering aroma of tobacco, with the tartness and deep waft of spice.

A fragrance that drifts so low it evokes melancholy, it gradually warms up like the awkward unfurling of tenderness.

An aroma for men burdened with many thoughts who continue to move forward with their convictions.

  • TOP:Geranium, Petitgrain, Black Pepper, Clove
  • MIDDLE:Jasmine, Muguet, Cyclamen
  • LAST:Patchouly, Vetiver, Benzoin, Musk

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Nanako Dojima (P4)

The combination of vivaciousness and softness that conveys a youthful atmosphere.

When the refreshing fragrance that makes gives you a bright feeling intermingles, a vibrant sweetness spreads out, as if loneliness were turned into a smile.

A pure, innocent aroma that makes one fall in love in spite of themselves.

  • TOP:Pear, Apricot, Orange, Peach
  • MIDDLE:Lavender, Neroli, Apple, Muguet
  • LAST:Amber, Musk

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Violet (P5R)

The fragrant scent of flowers gently waltzing through a warm, cheery atmosphere.

With the ever-expanding watery translucence, it’s reminiscent of her bright smile, both flashy and graceful.

A fragrance that grants you the hint of a dignified presence within a sweet impression.

  • TOP:Lemon, Bergamot, Cherry Blossom
  • MIDDLE:Rose, Peony, Gardenia, Peach
  • LAST:Cedarwood, Musk, Watery Note, Ozone Note

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