Project Re Fantasy Development Has Reached Its Climax


In an end of year feature, Famitsu has interviewed 110 different Japanese creators in the game industry about their thoughts for 2021.

The creative producer and chief director of Atlus’ third Creative Department (aka Studio Zero) Katsura Hashino was one of those interviewed for the feature. Regarding his aspirations for 2021, he had the following to say:

With the world having experienced a flurry of change since last year with the coronavirus, all I can do now is continue to work solemnly. The project in development is now at its climax, so I would like to continue head on to provide the world with interesting gameplay.

The title known under the tentative title “Project Re Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey Begins” was officially announced four years ago in December 2016. Initially announced as a recruitment drive for the newly created Studio Zero, we’ve since received few substantial development updates, including the “Concept Video #2” of December 2017.

Hashino has previously talked about tackling the development for the new fantasy IP with a single focus, using the words “straight ahead” or “head on” throughout the years. At the end of 2019, he had hoped to make a formal announcement soon, which did not pan out.

In the past, when Atlus stated that Etrian Odyssey V was in its final stages of development in January 2016, the game would be released 7 months later in August 2016. When the same was said for the development of Persona 3 Dancing and Persona 5 Dancing in November 2017, the games were released 6 months later in May 2018.

With its advanced stage of development, it is likely that Project Re Fantasy will finally be seeing a formal reveal sooner than later.