Prospective E3 2017 Floor Plan Shows Atlus and Sega Sharing a Booth


The target show floor plan for this year’s E3 2017 event shows that, for the first time, Atlus and Sega are officially sharing a booth by name at the West Exhibit Hall of the LA convention center.

While Atlus had previously shown off Sega games within their booth such as 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and Yakuza 0 at E3 2016, this is the first time both company names are officially listed as sharing a booth in the floor plan, at West Hall #4312.

At E3 2015, Sega decided to not attend the show with their own booth, and that was also the case at E3 2016.

Sega Europe is also indicated in this target floor plan under the “Atlus / Sega” booth at West Hall #4300, however they also were in E3 2016’s prospective floor plan, while they had no booth at the actual show.

Last year, Atlus’ booth was largely Persona 5 themed.

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, one of the biggest regular video game trade shows, will take place this year from June 13-15, 2017.

E3 2017 via NeoGAF