Persona Super Live 2022 Concert Producer Diary Describes Production Timeline


The  “Persona Super Live P-Sound WISH 2022: Crossing Journeys” concert is set to take place this weekend on October 8th and 9th, as the first major Persona series concert in 3 years since Persona Super Live 2019.

One of the pieces of merchandise sold online for this upcoming concert was a “PSW2022 Pamphlet,” featuring a “Road to PSW2022” making-of overview with the show’s producer from Atlus, Takami.

This section of the pamphlet has been translated by “みどり” via @regularpanties, and the full translation can be found here.

Message from Kazuhisa Wada

The Atlus Persona Team director and producer Kazuhisa Wada provided a message, thanking fans for coming to the first Persona concert in three years.

A large number of staff members have been preparing for this day for a long time. During that time, a wide assortment of irregularities and uncertain situations flew about, and at times there were moments of both optimism and anxiety. However, I am extraordinarily grateful that today can be greeted safely and in good shape.

Message from Naoto Hiraoka

Atlus senior manager Naoto Hiraoka also provided a message, speaking of fears regarding holding a live event right now and the global nature of this particular concert.

This time around, it’s the “grand finale” of the Persona 25th anniversary, so we’re challenging ourselves with a set list that is appropriate in that regard.

We expect to be able to perform songs from titles that were not released at the time three years ago, as well as songs that couldn’t be performed at the last concert in Ryogoku.

Furthermore, this concert will also mark the first time we have attempted a live concert performance broadcasted online to the entire world at the same time. We would like to deliver the excitement of the performances to everyone around the world together.


The “Road to PSW2022” shows an in-depth timeline of when planning for the concert started, and where it ended up.


Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, those involved started discussing a large concert that would take place two years after Persona Super Live 2019, or in 2021. They talked about what kind of concept it should have, including the new songs from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers, and more. Depending on venue availability, they also considered holding it at the start of 2022.


New Year 2021

Before COVID-19 became an increasingly bigger problem by the end of 2020, new measures regarding live events started to become established such as no cheering during events and having to use hand sanitizer at entrances. This is what occurred with the Persona 5 Strikers launch event in February 2020.

With live performances quickly being cancelled and other measures becoming commonplace like remote work, discussions regarding a potential “Persona Super Live 2021” were put on hold.

Spring 2021

COVID-19 is still an ongoing problem with emergency measures, and Victor Entertainment—the company which helps with the live performances and CD releases—talk about many cancellations and delays. Because of this, there is no way that a “Persona Super Live 2021” can take place, and it was internally cancelled. Atlus and Victor Entertainment keep regular contact while monitoring the COVID-19 situation from then on.

Around this time, the production for the commercial release of the “P3D & P5D Soundtrack” had begun.

Summer 2021

Despite a nationwide vaccination campaign starting, concerts would still need to take measures like limited seating, half capacity, no cheering, and such. With this in mind, they considered holding a Persona concert as a live stream only event, but they gave up on that idea because they could not settle on an agreement.

Assessing the situation, they would consider the concert again and aim for a fall 2022 time frame, with an in-person audience.

Fall 2021

The preliminary process of selecting a concert venue begins. Right at the start, they wanted to hold the event on Saturday and Sunday. What they had to keep in mind was not just that the venue should be large, but that the location should leave enough room to avoid crowding.

Winter 2021

The target venue was set, and so the team moved on to the “simulation” phase of production, considering seating arrangements. This is where it was officially decided the concert would take place in October 2022.


January 2022

The setlist is thought about. Many new songs were featured in Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers, and because of that there was a risk of having almost the same setlist for both days. So they decided that this time each day would have a different composition. A song that will surprise fans was prepared around this point, and Takami hopes people will look forward to it.

Mid-February 2022

Different titles are considered for the concert, with around 20 ideas submitted at first. Some examples of main titles:


Some examples of subtitles:

  • Royal Handgun & Scramble Glasses
  • I believe
  • Witnesses of a Beautiful Spectacle

A lot of these were rejected because they were considered too grandiose, but Takami hopes to repurpose them someday.

Late February 2022

A mini concert was announced for February 25th to celebrate the release of the official soundtracks for Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers. On the day of the event, the record company contact person became sick, so Takami acted as moderator for the event.

Early March 2022

The key illustration for the event by Shigenori Soejima is completed. The logo designed by Atlus UI designer Masayoshi Sutou was submitted around the same time, fitting perfectly with the key art.

March 2022

This is when it’s decided that the information will be officially announced in April. They wanted to make a grandiose video announcement using a drone to take video of the venue, but they gave up on it due to complications.

In late March, it was decided that the Atlus Sound Team’s Toshiki Konishi would appear at the concert.

April 2022

The announcement video for the concert is shot with appearances from actors, and the merchandise design begins for certain ticket holders.

The announcement video was meant to be a bit longer initially, but Takami wanted to emphasize the feeling of tempo and rhythm. During this time, Takami is worried that the announcement will leak, though an alert was made to all related parties to prevent that.

On April 28th is when the announcement is made during the Persona 25th Times Vol. 4 video. They received the largest amount of reactions an announcement of this type has ever had for them, including trending on Twitter.

May 2022

Designs for merchandise start to be planned out, with Victor Entertainment proposing various items.

Singers and band costume meetings begin around mid-May, with the theme centered around that of a rock band.

June 2022

The “additional information” live stream takes place on June 2. While it was listed as “Vol. 1”, they weren’t sure how many there would be, or even if there would be any other.

Rehearsals for the special VIP seats begin on June 25th, which are live rehearsals for those who purchased the VIP seat tickets, where the fans will also be included in the background of recordings.

July 2022

The VIP Seat Special performance takes place on July 3rd.

The production of the concert pamphlet (that this is all taken from) begins in late July.

August 2022

Full-scale rehearsals begin in early August 2022, so Takami decides to take a look back on previous titles such as the Persona 3 movies, playing through Persona 5 Strikers, and watching the Persona 4 anime.

Translated production diary via @regularpanties