Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Original Soundtrack Announced


The two disk original soundtrack for Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology has been announced for release on July 26th, 2017. The soundtrack will include 40 tracks in total, including the complete BGM, as well as several arrange tracks.

The Original Soundtrack will contain the same tracks as the Complete CD which is bundled with the limited Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Perfect Edition.


  1. Falling Water
  2. Radiant Historia
  3. Kingdom of Machinery
  4. Battlefield
  5. Blue Radiance
  6. Proud, Forever
  7. To Wait for the Future Ahead
  8. Fun Times
  9. Beyond the Wilderness
  10. The Edge of Green!
  11. Victory
  12. Wind Crossing the Sea
  13. The Dream that the Dust Showed
  14. Sleeping Garden of Celestite
  15. Study to Connect the World
  16. The Sky is High and Blue Anywhere
  17. Shadow Dancing in the Dark
  18. The Red Locus
  19. Wildness and Toughness
  20. Rebellion
  21. Where Wind and Feathers Return
  22. Imminent Crisis
  23. Interrupted Time
  24. Memory of the World
  25. An Earnest Desire of Grey
  26. Gentle Time
  27. A Piece and Record of a Memory
  28. The Colourless Moment
  29. -Historia-
  30. Falling Water (Instrumental Version)
  31. -Historia- (Instrumental Version)
  32. Falling Water (Arrange Version)
  33. Wind Crossing the Sea (Arrange Version)
  34. Radiant Historia (Arrange Version)
  35. Kingdom of Machinery (Arrange Version)
  36. Where Wind and Feathers Return (Arrange Version)
  37. Blue Radiance (Arrange Version)
  38. -Historia- (Arrange Version)
  39.  Falling Water (Short Version)
  40. -Historia- (Short Version)

Product Details

  • Release Date: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
  • Price: 3000 yen + tax
  • Disc Number: 2 CD’s
  • Publisher: Team Entertainment
  • Distributor: Sony Music Marketing

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be released for the 3DS in Japan on June 29, 2017.