‘Ren Amamiya’ is the Official Persona 5 Protagonist Name for the Anime Adaptation

During today’s Persona 5 the Animation focused live stream, the full name for the Persona 5 protagonist was revealed as “Ren Amamiya” (雨宮蓮).

Card with the name shown during the live stream.

The official name for the Persona 5 protagonist, who is also known by his code name “Joker,” is Akira Kurusu in the official manga adaptation.

In this TV anime adaptation of Persona 5, the actors for the main cast from the original game will make a return.


  • Hero: Jun Fukuyama
  • Ann Takamaki: Nana Mizuki
  • Ryuji Sakamoto: Miyano Mamoru
  • Morgana: Ikue Otani
  • Yusuke Kitagawa: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Makoto Niijima: Rina Sato
  • Futaba Sakura: Aoi Yūki
  • Haru Okumura: Haruka Tomatsu
  • Goro Akechi: Soichiro Hoshi

The anime is produced by A-1 Pictures, who worked on other Persona series anime adaptations in the past.

The official website for the upcoming anime can be found here,

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  • I feel like Akira Kurusu fitted him better imo.

    • Raxtoren

      I think both last names are horrible.
      but im no japanese speaking person.
      kurusu sounds… weird to say the least. Amamiya… when I say it loud I think about mama mia, but then I googles the last name, and yes, people in Japan are actually named that so… yeah its a japanese name, what can you do? Im sure there are english names that sounds awkward or jsut plaing wrong in Japanese as well.

  • thisbethedeathofme

    Why are they suddenly changing his name between mediums tho? The name Akira Kurusu is so ingrained into me (and probs many other fans) that the new name just sounds weird to be associated with him

    • Raxtoren

      most people who bought persona 5 has no idea what the “manga name” is, I mean, you think 2 million people follows the manga online?. anyway, is Ren Amamiya the official name now? for ex in the P5d game etc?

    • Faiyez

      Welcome to 10 years ago.

    • Kio

      Same reason Yu Narukami isn’t Seta Souji and Makoto Yuki isn’t Minato Arisato. The manga names haven’t been official since the beginning.

  • Edgar

    Mysteries of the world:

    why do we need to wait for an anime adaptation to have a canon name?

    why don’t they agree on it from the beginning of the manga instead of throwing two different ones everytime?

    I love Atlus and this brand, but it’s quite time they stop flattening their heroes with silent feature and “no canon name till anime”. It’s nonsense and annoying.

    • sir forde

      The manga is done by a third party who asks atlus for permission to use a name for the main character. atlus doesn’t get involved with the manga versions of the story

      • Edgar

        But they could, if wanted to. I highly doubt that third party would refuse Atlus request to use THE name for the hero.

        • Sabrena

          Yeah, but as Atlus doesn’t get involved…

          • Raxtoren

            probably the manga people asked, what is the hero´s name? and they said, we have no name… you can pick whatever you want.
            but when they decied to make p5d they had to come up with something, especially now with the manga coming close by as well.

  • Edgar

    Anyway this is all the news we had to get today? No trailer?

  • Joker

    Hopefully I’ll get used to this name like I did with Yu Narukami lol. It’ll definitely be harder since I was so much more invested in the P5 manga than the P4 manga, so the name Seta Souji wasn’t as ingrained in my brain as Akira Kurusu.. I like Ren though, more than Yu at least hahah

    • Mokka

      I still call Minato “Minato” though, like pretty much everyone else in the community

  • Vittorio Pugliese

    I can’t wait to see Ren Amamiya actually talk. I hope Atlus won’t find any bullshit excuses to keep him silent

    • Joker

      He talked on the Day Breakers so I’m 100% sure he’d talk on the anime. It’s funny if they’d keep him silent since Fukuyama Jun was in the livestream lol

      • Vittorio Pugliese

        I highly doubt Ren will be voiced. All the Persona 5 party members were specifically designed so that they could do all the talking for him. And then there’s Yu from Persona 4, who got a voice, since Atlus wanted to experiment and break its tradition, however they soon realized that Yosuke became useless and decided to keep Makoto still silent in the P3 movies. Except for Yu, most Megaten protagonists (before and after Yu) have been kept silent in non-game adaptations: the Boy with Earring was not only silent in the P1 manga, but he never got a name (his last name is Toudou, but it’s only revealed because he has a twin brother named Kazuya Toudou)! Hibiki Kuze from Devil Survivor 2 had all his comical dialogue options from the game replaced with “…” in the anime, while Makoto Yuki and Yu Narukami were completely silent in the mangas.
        You could argue that he talked in the game, unlike Yu, but Yu was just an exception, not the rule, so I think the chance of Ren speaking like a normal character (instead of just saying only the few lines he has in the game, or even worse, be completely mute!) it’s lower than the chance of Link getting a voice in a Zelda game!

      • Vittorio Pugliese

        Since Ren won’t have full dialogue (I’m not sure about that, but, as I said before, Yu was an exception), I hope that the anime will be from Akechi’s point of view, so that Ren only appears in brief cameos until Niijima Palace. Since Ren appears in only 2-3 episodes, it’s not a major problem if he has no lines (it would be if he was the protagonist of a full-length anime

      • Vittorio Pugliese

        I saw a Persona 5 anime trailer narrated by a strange voice which sounds like Yusuke, even though the trailer keeps showing Ren’s face instead of Yusuke’s one.

  • [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™

    Hmm I like Akira way more tho.

  • Senpai Otaku

    Whats the true name Akira or Ren? make your mind up lads! either ways i cannot wait!!

  • RainyQuot

    Loved the name! And the kanji for it fit Joker and the story WAY WAY better than the kanji for Akira Kurusu.

  • Just keep calling him Akira Kurusu.
    There are still dumbasses who call Narukami “Souji Seta”.

  • Antisadism

    His parents’ names are Han Amamiya and Leia Amamiya

    • Mesaphrom

      No, no, his parents are named Lindow and Sakuya.

  • Fidencio Barrera

    His given name Ren can translate to Lotus which is considered to be the flower of Hell according to the Buddhist beliefs. Specifically the crimson lotus.

  • Tuan Kacang

    *inb4 jokes related to Mazda cars*

  • LordKaizer

    i have more issues with fact they hired A-1 picture to make the anime instead of hiring good studio. A1 picture single handedly ruined P4G and P3 movies for new comers and fans alike.

    • Miller

      While P4G was a waste of resources, I don’t think many people dislike the P3 movies. The changes are somewhat negligible and it was incredibly well done overall.

  • izzyv

    Yea I’m not watching this shit. That’s a shitty name.

  • M Iqbal Mahfuz

    Am i the only one who realize ‘Ren Amamiya’ is also a canon name for Lindow & Sakuya’s child in God Eater Series?

  • he he he boy

    Ren huh wait is ren amamiya is son of lindow from god eater haha

  • Red

    Oh well. I really wonder why Atlus can’t make up their damn minds with their Protags. First there was Minato Arisato who turned into Makoto Yuki then there was Souji Seta who turned into Yu Narukami and now we get Akira Kurusu who is now Ren Amamiya?

    I like all the manga names better than the anime ones personally.

    • Vittorio Pugliese

      In my fanfictions, I use the names Makoto, Yu and Ren to mean the silent protagonists from the games, while Minato Arisato (which is an Italian name), is the name of the Italian mafia boss who looks like the male protagonist from P3 and forced Makoto Yuki (the female protagonist of P3) to change sex and act as his doppelganger (this is why the female protagonist isn’t canon). The name Souji Seta is never used, since Yu Narukami stopped being a Fool after P4 and he developed an actual personality (hence why he’s not silent in Arena). Akira Kurusu, however, is a clone created from Ren Amamiya’s Palace. Like Yu, Ren started developing a personality after the ending of P5, and he began to view the events of P5 as a period of “not being human”. Ren’s hatred gave birth to a Palace and his Shadow, named Akira Kurusu, can talk and often breaks the fourth wall. Unlike most Shadows, Akira is actually independent from Ren and can fight in the real world, as shown by the fact that he (and not Ren) is the one leading the Phantom Thieves in the war against Trump

  • Eetu Ollila (Ed3Gamer)

    WHY?????? Akira was a perfect name for him ;(((((