Review Score Guide

The following is a guide to interpreting the reviews on Persona Central.

First and foremost, all reviews here depict the subjective opinion of the reviewer. As the reviewer has one opinion on the piece being criticized, the reader can also have a differing opinion on that piece. Both opinions are valid as, after all, they are opinions.

The review score metric used is a 5-point scale scoring system, without the use of decimals. While the scores give context to a review and as a reviewer’s general opinion of a product, they do not represent the nuance of the review itself and the scores themselves should simply be taken as a guideline.

While review copies of products are provided by publishers (and those in question are clearly indicated with a disclaimer), review scores are in no way influenced by any source other than the reviewer’s opinions on the quality of the product being reviewed.

The description for the scores is the following:

5 – Brilliant

This score is reserved for products which should be referred to in the future as a benchmark for what other products of its kind should try to achieve. While there are a few potential improvements that one could imagine making it that much better, these products excel in every aspect.

4 – Great

This score is reserved for products which excel in many areas and are all-around great, despite a few flaws here and there.

3 – Good

This score is reserved for enjoyable products with some defining features here and there which leave a generally positive impact in the end, despite several obvious problems it may have.

2 – Bad

This score is reserved for products that fall short in every area they tackle. They have no elements which make it stand out from other products like it.

1 – Terrible

This score is reserved for the worst of experiences. If a product constantly makes one wish they were doing something else with their time and is actively repulsive, with no redeeming qualities, this is the score it gets.