[Rumor] Atlus is Developing a ‘High-End Action Game’ for the PS4 [Update]


Update (2018-01-23): The job listing for the 2D concept artist has been removed, however the listing for the UX / UI designer is still up.

Update (2018-10-08): It’s been found that a job description for the same project had been listed from Creator’s Partner Fellows in August 2017, searching for a Unity programmer.


The creative industry collaboration company and recruitment agency, Creator’s Partner Fellows, has posted a job listing that suggests Atlus may be working on a “high-end action game” for the PS4.

The job listing below was published on January 16th, however there is a second searching for a UX / UI designer for the same project, published on the 19th.

A person with 2D concept design / original animation experience sought! For a PS4 high-end action game.

Work for an in-house team that is a well-established consumer developer famous for the unique “Megami” and demon RPG!

  • Job Category: Game Development – Game 2DCG Designer Animation – Animator (Original)
    • It is a PS4 project that is under recent development. We will inform you of the game’s style at the meeting.
    • The genre of the game contains action-based battle elements.
  • Job Description: 2D concept art production is the main task.
  • Work Location: Setagaya, Tokyo

Atlus’ office is located in Setagaya, Tokyo. Despite not writing the company by name, the location and the description of the company’s past work suggests that it is referring to Atlus.

Atlus has previously had questions in surveys asking consumers which genres they would like to see the Persona series explore in the future, including “action game” and “shooting game.”

Creator’s Partner Fellows via Hachima Kikou

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