[Rumor] Atlus to Release Sequel to 4th Numbered Game for the PS4, According to Job Listing?

According to a recent Atlus job application description, a sequel to a popular series of the company’s which has reached the number “4” could be planned for a PlayStation 4 release.

In the wake of a recruitment drive for Atlus, Japanese employment agency WorkPort posted a job listing which does not mention Atlus by name, but implicitly points to the company, specifically through a list of notable projects the company has worked on:

Company Characteristics

[Business Overview]

Planning, development, manufacturing, and sale of consumer games.

[Business Case]

  • “Persona” series
  • “Shin Megami Tensei” series
  • “Catherine”
  • “Devil Survivor” series

Described as a contractor programming position for the creation of a new console game IP, the position is presumably for Studio Zero, responsible for the development of Project Re Fantasy.

However, the general description for the company in question alludes to the sequel of another title of theirs:

The company continues to reach the heart of core fans and continues to develop one-of-a-kind games in the industry, with “empathy” and “originality” as its policy. The company’s biggest hit, with strong brand power, has had numbered releases up to 4, and its sequel will also be released for the PS4.

With Persona 5 and Etrian Odyssey V having originally released last year, the assumption would be that the description is talking about a sequel to Shin Megami Tensei IV planned for a PS4 release, which would be the previously announced Shin Megami Tensei HD for the Nintendo Switch.

While Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey is explicitly labeled as a “3DS Project” on the official website, the upcoming console SMT game is labeled as an “HD Project,” which has brought speculation that the game could come to platforms other than the Switch.

However, as [email protected] writes, it is possible that this is a mistake or outdated text from a third-party responsible for the description of this job application, and that the “sequel” referred to would have been Persona 5 for the PS4, following Persona 4.

In terms of “biggest hit,” the Megami Tensei series had sold more copies cumulatively compared to the Persona series as of November 2016.

WorkPort via [email protected], Hachima Kikou

  • Holowknite

    Oh boy here comes rumours now that e3 is here

    • Vallen

      I don’t think ATLUS cares for E3 much. Their biggest game, P5, wasn’t at E3 beyond a small booth – no big reveals or stage presentations. They just kinda announce and show things when they feel like it. If anything, that concert in August is a better bet.

      • Bret Hall

        Umm… I was at E3 and one the passes all had P5 logos on them as well as lanyards. Also it was not just a booth, it was a decent sized stage showcasing the game and allowing people to play it if picked. They even were giving out Morgana hats if you played 4 of their other games.

  • StealthFan85

    No way! Nintendo wouldn’t allow it and casual Shin Megami Tensei fans on PlayStation don’t deserved such game.

    • Meilany Elizabeth

      ssssttt it’s time to move on to sony playstation

    • Sos Help

      Atlus/sega is a business first.. P5 is there most sold game and it was only on Playstation… Atlus is now going to try to get all the New fans they got from P5 to try out the new SMT game once it comes out

      • StealthFan85

        P5 will sell much more on Nintendo Switch. And on PC it will sell additional 1 million for $20 as proven by Valkyria Chronicles.

        • Sos Help

          what you posted has nothing to do with the points i made… if Atlus/sega sees its a great move to also put SMT back on the PlayStation they will do it. of course P5 could sell on the switch simply because the switch has no games besides Zelda right now.

          • Davorbasic

            Dude that’s a parody account

          • Mr.Sammich

            That is simply an untruth.

            The Switch may not have had 50 mediocre games at launch that people don’t even even remember by the end of the generation, but it’s library has been steadily growing since then. BotW isn’t even the Switch’s only killer app now, after the recent release of the best version of the best Mario Kart.

          • Sos Help

            I am not saying the Switch is bad but its 100% true the only game worth playing on the switch is BOTW.. Mario Kart is the same old racing game that always gets release on Nintendo systems… besides Disgaea 5 which is coming out later… and the new mario game its pretty dry… 2018 will be switches year for sure.

          • Mr.Sammich

            It is 100% true that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

            No, seriously, it is. The sales numbers and general reception of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe do not support your sentiment. There’s also way more games coming this year than you seem to think. Just first-party wise, they’re releasing ARMS next month, and Splatoon 2 the month after that.

          • Sos Help

            Arms and Splatoon are still forgettable games, i can list better games that will be coming to the switch then what you type. the fact you want to go out your way to say two forgettable games are worth playing is laughable. never said the switch was bad. but you Nintendo fan boys ready to defend it with your life even when its fact there is nothing to play right now

          • Mr.Sammich

            Again, you’re stating your own opinions as if they’re fact. I could list several non-Nintendo games coming to or already on the Switch that I’m anticipating or enjoying, but you’d probably say they don’t count because they’re multiplats or indies. And I’m not a Nintendo fanboy, I’m a fan or not making factually incorrect statements, which you seem to enjoy. I had this same exact discussion when people used to say the PS3 had no games

        • Azlan Wake

          the Main line Persona franchise is exclusive to PlayStation,they made a deal and the deal just got renewed last year when Persona 5 was a success releasing alone in Japan.

          • Zeiji-K

            Sorry but could you give me a source I have never heared of that

        • David Granados Villarevia

          in case you forgot Atlus have worked with the SMT series with Sony for a loooong time:
          SMT: Nocturne
          SMT: Digital Devil Saga (2 games)
          SMT: Devil Summoner (2 games)
          Every Persona Game is on PS (like 10 games)

          and you say that it wont be normal to have a SMT game in ps4? yes SMT started in a Nintendo system but you sir, are the casual fan. If you really like the game you dont have to care in what console is going to be released for. Just get the damn console to play the game, period.

          • Strain42

            Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth…

          • Azlan Wake

            NOT Mainline Persona games…just like Arena,don’t justify it just because its a persona game

            Mainline games Persona 1 until 5 has ALL come out to the Playstation Consoles and Handhelds EXCLUSIVELY

          • hng qtr

            Persona 1 was released on PC.

          • Strain42

            Irrelevant. The comment I replied to literally said the words “Every Persona Game” Q disproves that. Don’t try to bog this down with semantics and suddenly go “Well they meant…”

            He even bothered to put in parenthesis that he was referring to the fact that there are 10 Persona games, a number you only get if you ARE including the spin-offs like Arena and Q.

    • ThatUndeadPilot

      Lmfao your user name and avatar bruh…paroding a certain diehard Nintendo fanboy I see.

    • Shadowriver

      New SMT game is develop on UE4, that alone makes exclusivity questionable, even exclusivity to consoles, as this engine makes porting childishly easy, not to mention by default it makes game run on PC. Nintendo would really need to pay to keep that game exclusive.

    • haru

      All the good smt was on ps2

      • Delcotsu Oscar Valenzuela

        Wait, SMT IV and Strange Journey are on ps2 too? :o
        Kidding. Nintendo only needs Nocturne to have all the mainline titles on its consoles…. And even if you consider it the best in the series, IV and SJ have nothing to envy it IMO… But you have a point… The best spin-offs (DDS, Devil Summoner…) are on playstation consoles… Devil Survivor is great but…

        • haru

          They port the other smt nintendo games on playstation too i hope they remake 4 on ps4

    • EventuallyGreat

      What does Nintendo have to do with SMT? They don’t own the franchise.

    • Paladin Joe

      Atlus will do what’s best for Atlus. If it means bringing SMT back to PlayStation again they will do it. All the best SMT games were on PlayStation anyway.

    • DanSmith
  • Azlan Wake

    I’ve speculate this would happen actually,when they said they are developing using Unreal Engine.

    I speculate they will release this for Switch and PS4 and sometime for PC.

    • Mr.Sammich

      The first two are likely.

      The last is a pipedream. Atlus don’t do PC ports, they’ve not only shown no interest, they’ve shown active disinterest. It doesn’t matter if they’d make money, they just don’t want to.

      • Shadowriver

        In UE4 process is so easy that you can barely call it porting in matter of fact just by using UE4 editor game already runs on PC. So there is no techynical effort needed it more of a matter of Atlus wanting to enter PC market which opperates little different then console market

        • Bill

          ^^^ has no idea what he’s talking about

          • Shadowriver

            Go download UE4, make simple project and run it on Linux, then explain me MR.”has no idea what he’s talking about” when did you did any porting job by doing so and how it is different then packing the game on Windows except obviuous need of installing Linux (btu there cross compile options). Because as far as i know there non and there non requirments to make game run on Linux… thats magic of UE4, as UE4 it self is ported to diffrent platfroms and it can it’s resources as well as project code on them, meaning there not much need for devloper interaction here….. in other word this process bearly can be called porting as it not diffrent then building game on Windows where editor is running

            There 2 things thru,

            1. In case of PC game needs to be set up for different kind of input, other wise the PC version will only support gamepad. Touchpad in mobile can be emulated by mouse, but consoles here might have toruble. But this is minor issues compired to work that real porting would require.

            2. Mobile platforms has limited capabilities, this is only case where game in UE4 may require technical overhaul, or else it’s made for mobile from ground up then PC and other platfroms will run it without issue

          • Paladin Joe

            You really don’t know how Atlus works do you? Last time they made a PS2 game was in the early 2000’s and it didn’t exactly turn out well for them. They might do it eventually but they are in no hurry because the games they make sell enough to be profitable which is enough for them. That and they have no experience at all with their current staff it doesn’t matter how easy you think it is. Atlus isn’t some big company they don’t exactly have lot’s of resources and don’t feel like it’s worth the risk.

          • Shadowriver

            ” it doesn’t matter how easy you think it is” I don’t think it is… i know it is, as i know how UE4 functions. We not talking about PS2 game which requires programming for very specific hardware, we also not talking here about Persona 5 on there own engine which they would need to port from ground up. We talking here about UE4 reducing any costs and risks of porting to single click of a button is lot of scenarios, or other scenarios just fine tuning.

            Tekken 7 is getting PC release not because Harada feels like it and Namco is some gaming super power, it simply because UE4 let them do it painlessly. As i said game by being devlopered on UE4 already runs on PC by default… so why not? why not get some sells from PC crowd and make game more profitable?

            If indie studio can pull off distribution of the UE4 game on most platforms, why not Atlus? You telling me Atlus is weaker and less expiranced then indie studios? Then why i don’t see Persona 5-grade material everywhere? why indie studios don’t have fancy anime cut scenes as Persona games? why most of them don’t even have voice acting? And we talking about studio that can make there own engine if they feel like it for f sake, which now days is a lot bigger risk then porting and distribution of the game on other platforms as it takes lot more time and money then using 3rd party engine, which a lot bigger studios don’t do anymore for those reasons. And them using UE4 for new SMT actully renders there Persona 5 engine investment lot more pointless actually and costly then it should have been (but Unreal Engine was not so accessible back then when they started to develop P5, so it’s understanble)

  • Edgar

    Thank you Atlus. PS4 deserves more MegaTen

    • Only coming to the switch dude. HA!

      • Edgar

        I’ll wait to find out if it ll be true till 2019. At that point, if still exclusive, I’ll buy a Switch :)

        • OlimacFTW

          A bit late to comment to this article but the Devil Summoner series also has four main games, that could be a possibility.

          • Edgar

            Hope so

  • DietSoap


  • Point_Blank

    “YES!! YES!! YES!!”
    Now alike Nocturne, add a character from a completely different game.

  • Clint McKee

    I hope ATLUS usurps the throne from Square.

  • topkekm8

    How do you take this as anything other than P4 for PS4?

  • Jay

    I mean, releasing it to the PS4 and Switch could be the day SMT out sales its spin off Persona, and bring more popularity to the series. Persona 5 fans would jump to SMT V, seeing how similar the series is to Persona[Since most dont even know SMT came first]. Switch users would also be able to pick it up since not a lot of games are over crowding the Switch atm.

    If this were to happen, this could be a huge turning point for the SMT series. Hell, if SMT V does well and gains even more fans, we could be seeing a Nocturne remake since that is Atlus’s greatest game of all time[Opinion from the fanbases]