SCEJA Press Conference 2015 Announced for September 15

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will once again hold a press conference prior to the Tokyo Game Show this year, which they have announced will take place on September 15 at 16:00 JST (12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT / other local times). It is planned to last an hour and a half, until 17:30 JST.

The pre-TGS SCEJA Press Conference 2015 will feature the latest PlayStation related news for Japan, preceding TGS 2015 which will take place from September 17 to September 20.

The event will be live streamed on the PlayStation Blog, on the day of the press conference.

Last year, the second teaser trailer for Persona 5 was revealed at the SCEJA Press Conference 2014, along with the announcement of a PlayStation 4 version of the game and its delay from the initial Winter 2014 release window to 2015.

The SCEJA Press Conference 2014 took place on September 1 and you can watch a full archive of it below:

— PlayStation

  • SquallStorm

    This is it ladies and gents. If we get the big one at TGS, this is where it’ll be. My hype can no longer be contained.

  • Marcin Szklarz

    Yeah…They better announce the dates. If they do, I’m going to work overtime.

    Let us shout: Preorder preorder !! :D

    Meanwhile…what are the chances for Europe to get a digital release instead of a physical one?

    • AbdurRasheed Sadiq

      Instead? I’d rather have both :/
      That being said don’t we get both anyway?

      • Wania Siviryan

        yeah, but digital is easier to release (atleast i think so) which will lead to an earlier release, maybe even simultaneous with NA.

        • Marcin Szklarz

          Let’s hope so

          Anyway…time to move the hype train

      • Marcin Szklarz

        I’m just a bad prophet who doesn’t want to repeat the same as with Rune Factory 4. Although different platform but who knows.

  • AbdurRasheed Sadiq

    Omg! HYPE! It feels like the build up to PV1 again. Don’t disappoint us Atlus. BRING ON THE HYPE!!!

  • mrzeeman321

    *Puts hands together in prayer*

  • Alex Dietrich

    Maybe a release date this time! I honestly expect 2016 now.

    Also really hope they show a PV3 instead of releasing PV2 to public, as it was already leaked.

    Or possibly a demo on stage?

  • aamw3

    I am hoping for a release date trailer and a collectors edition day one buy for me bro as i am playing persona 4 golden to prepare for this release