Second Persona 5 x Identity V Collaboration to be Held in November 2019


With the end of the first Persona 5 collaboration with the mobile and PC survival horror game Identity V, it has been announced that a second collaboration will be held in November 2019.

[Identity V x Persona 5 Crossover I End Announcement]

After this week’s maintenance, our Identity V x Persona 5 Crossover I event will be over. Here are some special notices:
1. [Persona 5 Essences] will be removed from the store. Persona 5 related items will not become season memory treasures.
2. After Crossover I is over, Persona 5 Essences on the logic path will be replaced by Season 7 Essences 1 or Essences 2 (acquired items will be preserved).
3. When Crossover I is over, any unopen Persona 5 Essences will be automatically opened and related rewards will be provided via in-game mails (server time Aug. 29th, 09:00).
4. Soul of Resistance will be saved and used in Persona 5 Crossover II.
5. After Crossover II, unused Soul of Resistance will be returned to players as fragments in the ratio of 1:200.
6. Identity V x Persona 5 Crossover II will be available after November, 2019.

The first collaboration began on August 8, 2019 and will come to an end on August 29, 2019.

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