Sega to Release More in Back Catalog of Atlus Games as Remasters and Remakes Thanks to Persona 4 Golden Steam Success


Sega Sammy held a video presentation for investors on November 6, 2020, going through the company’s Fiscal Year Ending March 2021 second quarter financial results (which highlighted 300k sales in the Persona series from July to September).

During the video presentation, Sega President & CEO Haruki Satomi discussed Sega’s plans for their “expansion of business roll-out” slide. During this segment of the presentation, Satomi specifically mentioned Atlus and Sega’s desire to work more with the existing library of Atlus titles:

  • Sega is working with different partners to expand their releases to platforms beyond the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo bubble.
  • Sega had not been proactive about releasing Atlus titles on Steam until now, but the direct port of Persona 4 Golden on PC far exceeded their expectations.
  • As a result of P4G’s success, Sega wants to release more ports, remasters, and remakes from their catalog of Atlus titles to various platforms.

This statement by Satomi is similar to one that was made in August during an investor Q&A regarding Persona 4 Golden‘s surprising success, and the desire to port previously released titles to Steam and other platforms.

After its Steam release on June 13th, Persona 4 Golden had reached over 500k players as of July 10th.

An initiative for porting older Atlus games could likely also include this year’s releases of Catherine: Full Body for Nintendo Switch and Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Sega Sammy via Hachima Kikou