Sega Sammy Acquires Index for 14 Billion Yen


According to Japanese news site Nikkei, Atlus and its parent company Index Corp. will be acquired by Sega Sammy in November for 14 billion yen (roughly $140 million USD).

As previously reported, Sega Sammy Holdings was one of the top bidders a month ago looking to purchase Index, the company that owns Atlus, following its bankruptcy accompanied with suspicions of fraud.

Translated by Hardcore Gamer, the report indicates that the acquisition will occur in November, that it will entail a restructuring of Index Corp. and that there is an aim to revitalize Index Corporation’s video game development department i.e. Atlus and possibly an increased focus on iOS development.

No news has been made concerning Atlus USA as of yet.

Hardcore Gamer, Nikkei