Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Original Soundtrack Details, Autograph Contest


Following the announcement of the Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Original Soundtrack earlier this month, details for it have been released.

SMT IV F Original Soundtrack

The Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Original Soundtrack will be released on February 24, 2016, which is two weeks after the release of the game.

Product Details

  • Release Date: February 24, 2016
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Price: 3,241 yen + tax
  • Artist: Ryota Kozuka
  • Publisher: Atlus and Mastard Records
  • Product Page: HMV; Amazon Japan
  • Label: Happinet
  • Product Number: LNCM-1133 ~ 4
  • ASIN: B019RM6INY
  • EAN: 4580357661278

The 2-disc soundtrack will include 35 songs, along with a booklet that lists commentary from the sound composer Ryota Kozuka who also worked on the first game’s soundtrack and Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

The track list includes arrangements from the first game, as well as two bonus tracks.

DISC-1 Songs

  1. title
  2. Evildoer Hunter Theme
  3. Kinshicho Underground Shopping Center
  4. Evildoer Hunter Association
  5. Kinshicho-Tinsel Park
  6. Battle – f1 (Common Battle)
  7. level up
  8. Battle – f2 (Boss Battle)
  9. Hades Hirasaka
  10. Dagda Theme
  11. Large Map
  12. Fairy Forest
  13. Izumi Recovery
  14. Kanda Company
  15. Kanda Company Cathedral
  16. Polytheistic God Union Theme
  17. Battle – f3 Shesha
  18. Interaction
  19. House of Voodoo
  20. East madness

Disc-2 Songs

  1. Battle – f Polytheistic God Union
  2. Asahi
  3. Time of Selection
  4. Third Selection
  5. Beginning of Closure
  6. Battle – f5 Beak Away from the Old Kimono
  7. Battle – f6 Deicide
  8. Outside Universe
  9. Battle – f7 To be all things
  10. Battle – f8 To become God’s Enemy
  11. Soon, it will be farewell
  12. The World After
  13. Main Theme


  1. coalescence 1212
  2. Extra track

Christmas Autograph Contest

As a Christmas present, the Shin Megami Tensei IV Final public relations has prepared a contest to give out 15 autographed pieces of colored paper from the game’s voice actors to Japanese fans.

SMT IV F Autographs

[How to apply]

Use Twitter and make a tweet to the Shin Megami Tensei IV Final account including the desired voice actor page URL in the official website (example, main character VA Hiro Shimono)  and the hashtag “#真4F.


January 3, 2016 at 11:59 PM JST.

[Winners announced]

The winners will be informed in mid-January 2016 via a direct message by the Shin Megami Tensei IV Final Twitter account.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Final is slated to release for the Nintendo 3DS on February 10, 2016 in Japan.

— Megaten 4 F [1, 2]