Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Vinyl Soundtrack Announced via Fangamer, Other SMT and P4 Merch


In collaboration with Atlus, Fangamer will be releasing a Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne vinyl soundtrack, as the first vinyl soundtrack release for the SMT series.

Costing $79 USD, the soundtrack will include over 70 tracks across multiple vinyls each with their own original sleeve artwork. Each track has been mastered especially for vinyl, while the box set and four sleeves will feature artwork by Toni Infante.

Alongside the vinyl soundtrack release is a 10-inch tall Jack Frost plush for $29 USD, as well as a “Jack Trio” slipmat for $14 USD, featuring Jack Frost, Black Frost, and Pyro Jack illustrated by Aimee Cairns.

Finally, there’s the launch of a “Press Turn” pin and a brand new t-shirt.

SMT III Nocturne Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

The product page can be found here.

Track List

LP1 Side ALP1 Side B
1. Title Loop 110. Forced Battle
2. Title Loop 211. World Map
3. Revelation12. SHIBUYA
4. World Map -Real World-13. Fountain of Life
5. Shinjuku Medical Center14. Cathedral of Shadows
6. Hikawa15. Chiaki
7. The Conception16. Regular Battle -City-
8. Regular Battle17. Ginza
9. Mystique
LP2 Side CLP2 Side D
18. Regular Battle -Amala Network-26. Yosuga
19. Rag’s Jewelry27. Regular Battle -World Map-
20. Ikebukuro28. Kabukicho
21. Erratic29. Rescue
22. The Mantra30. Junk Shop
23. Boss Battle31. Puzzle Boy
24. Might32. Hijiri
25. Cathedral of Shadows -Cursed-33. Cathedral of Shadows -Luminous-
LP3 Side ELP3 Side F
34. Isamu43. World Map -Final Area-
35. Musubi44. Tower of Kagutsuchi
36. Reunion with a Teacher45. Yahiro no Himorogi
37. Manikin46. Last Boss: Pre-Transformation
38. Advent Aradia47. Last Boss: Post-Transformation
39. Boss Introduction48. Rebirth
40. Reason Boss Battle49. End Credits
41. Game Over
42. Shijima
LP4 Side GLP4 Side H
50. Enter Dante61. LAW
51. Labyrinth of Amala62. Metatron
52. Regular Battle -Labyrinth of Amala-63. Parting
53. SHOWTIME!!64. Battle with Dante
54. Master of the Netherworld65. Duty
55. Checkmate66. Chaos
56. TALK67. Beelzebub
57. Fiend68. Power of Darkness
58. Warp Field69. Final Battle
59. Recollection70. Supreme Ruler of Darkness
60. Joint Struggle

Jack Frost Plush

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Jack Trio Vinyl Slipmat

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Press Turn Pin

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True Demon T-Shirt

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Pure-Hearted Beast T-Shirt

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