List of SMT: Strange Journey Redux Retailer Specific Pre-order Bonuses in Japan


The full list of retailer specific pre-order bonuses that will be included with pre-orders of Shin Megami: Strange Journey Redux in Japan has been released on the official website’s “Shop Guide.”

Amazon Japan – Original Nintendo 3DS Theme

AmiAmi – Acrylic Key Chain (w/ pedestal)

Standard edition pre-order only includes “Zeus,” while a pre-order of the limited edition includes all four.

Imagine WEB Shop – Large Fabric Poster

Ebten / Atlus D Shop – 3D Crystal Set (w/ Pre-order Bonuses)

The previously announced “3D Crystal Set” that is for sale through the Atlus D Shop website. It includes a 3D crystal of Jack Frost, which rests on an LED pedestal.

All pre-orders for any edition of the game on the Atlus D Shop includes a limited edition, Demonee-Ho tote bag.

GEO – Rubber Strap

COMG! Online Department – Original Sticker

Stella Worth – Bromide Set

Takarajima Game – Micro Fiber Cloth

TSUTAYA Online – Original Nintendo 3DS Theme

Neowing – Can Badge (40 mm x 40 mm)

Futaba Books – Tin Badge

WonderGOO – Tote Bag

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, on October 26, 2017. It will release in North America and Europe in early 2018.

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