Shin Megami Tensei V Official Perfect Guide Cover Art Revealed


Following the announcement of the Shin Megami Tensei V Official Perfect Guide” on December 27th, the cover art of the upcoming guide book has been released.

The guide is described as the only official complete strategy guide for players aiming to completely clear all routes. It will include a progression chart, giving the optimal solution for clearing the main story, as well as strategies for all sub quests and challenging elements, as well as downloadable content. Detailed information on field maps will also be included. It will include data for demons, demon companions, skills, magatsuchi, essences, miracles and relics.

Product Details

  • Price: 2,420 yen
  • Release Date: December 27, 2021
  • Publisher: Kadokawa
  • Language: Japanese
  • Page Count: 416 pages
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