Shin Megami Tensei V Gameplay Trailer Revealed, November 12, 2021 Release Date in the West


During the Nintendo Direct live stream for E3 2021, the first gameplay trailer was released for the next mainline entry in Atlus’ SMT series of role-playing games, Shin Megami Tensei V.

As previously leakedShin Megami Tensei V will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11, 2021, and it has now been announced that the game will be released in the West on November 12, 2021. This is effectively the simultaneous worldwide release for SMTV that had been announced in July 2020.

The game will support French, German, English, Italian, and Spanish languages in the West. According to the Nintendo website, it will be 15.6 GB in file size.

The trailer shows off the turn-based combat system exploiting enemy weaknesses the series is known for, as well as the negotiation system where players can communicate with demons to recruit them as allies. The fusion system, combining two demons to form a more powerful one, was also demonstrated.


The ambitions of god and human clash amidst the horror of a dying world. Neither human nor demon, the newly-forged Nahobino and his friends must decide what is worth saving… and prepare to sacrifice everything in its name. In a world without its Creator, which path will you choose?

Japanese Trailer

English Subtitles

Nintendo Direct Trailer

The official Japanese website and the English website have also been launched, with screenshots, artwork, and details for the previously leaked limited edition release:

Key Art

Limited Edition –Shin Megami Tensei V First Limited Edition “Forbidden Nahobino box”

The first limited edition of Shin Megami Tensei V. This box condenses the game’s charm, packed with plenty of demons and music that embody Shin Megami Tensei V. It also includes an item resembling the hero Nahobino, considered a “forbidden being” in the game.

Limited Edition Contents

Atlus has published more details about the limited edition box.

Shin Megami Tensei V game

Series Masterpiece Medley String Quartet Arrangement + Shin Megami Tensei V Advance Mini Soundtrack (35 songs, 2 CD set)

Popular songs from the series from SMT 1 to SMT IV Apocalypse have been carefully chosen and arranged as a string quartet evoking a luxurious and religious atmosphere. Additionally, a mini-soundtrack for SMT V is included in the set, making it packed with music from the entire series.

True Demon Book (A5 DVD tall case size, 116 pages)

A gorgeous hardcover book with retouched images of more than 200 demons in SMT V, including the new demons, as well as descriptions for each demon.

Nahobino T-Shirt

A t-shirt designed after the hero in the game, in their Nahobino form.

Special Case

A special case based on the “Tree of Wisdom” that appears in the game, featuring the characters’ eyes.

Live Stream

A live stream featuring new Shin Megami Tensei V information will be broadcast on June 16 at 20:00 JST (4:00 AM PDT / 7:00 AM EDT). It will include new information not shown in the gameplay trailer, and much more.

Shin Megami Tensei V was originally announced with a teaser trailer for a new “SMT HD Project” on January 13, 2017, during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 live event. The official title would be dropped later that year with a new trailer in October 2017, at the end of the “SMT 25th Anniversary Chaos Side” live concert.

Screenshots & Artwork