Snowboard Kids Vinyl Soundtrack Announced by Fangamer


Fangame has announced a vinyl soundtrack release of the Snowboard Kids soundtrack.

The release will include 17 tracks on one vinyl.

The Snowboard Kids soundtrack was previously released on CD and streaming platforms in 2022.

Enough to get the biggest snowman in Big Snowman dancing.

Includes 17 tracks by the Snowboard Kids Sound Team—Tomohiko Sato (Racjin Co., Ltd.) and Isao Kasai (Racjin Co., Ltd.)—on splatter vinyl, wrapped up in the original art from Snowboard Kids.

Track List

Side A

  1. Title
  2. Menu
  3. Course and Board Select
  4. Board Shop
  5. Race Start
  6. Ninja Land
  7. Big Snowman
  8. Sunset Rock
  9. Night Highway

Side B

  1. Grass Valley
  2. Dizzy Land
  3. Quicksand Valley
  4. Silver Mt.
  5. Race Goal
  6. Results
  7. Skill Games
  8. Ending

Product Details