Soul Hackers 2 Arrow Character Trailer Released


As previously announced, Atlus has released the first Soul Hackers 2 character trailer, featuring the Yatagarsu Devil Summoner, Arrow. The official website has been updated with his character page being opened, along with pages for Kaburagi and Raven, characters closely related to Arrow.

The trailers include English captions.

Arrow Character Trailer

Arrow’s character profile:

An agent from the Devil Summoner organization Yatagarasu, he is one of the “protected targets to avoid the destruction of the world” detected by Aion. He appears to have been killed during an undercover operation, and is revived by Ringo’s “soul hack.” He is a quiet young man, however he is honest with a lot of passion, placing great importance on morality. Because of this, he often clashes with Milady.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.