Soul Hackers 2 New Screenshots Released, Raven and Kaburagi Character Profiles, Combat Details


New screenshots have been released for Soul Hackers 2, this time revolving around information released in the Summoners Guide Vol. 1 video. This includes details about the characters Raven (voice: Kanji Hamada), a former Yatagarsu Devil Summoner, and Kaburagi (voice: Ryota Osaka), a Devil Summoner from the Phantom Society.

Additionally, there’s information about the game’s battle systems, and the party memeber Arrow’s weapon of choice.


Raven (Voice: Kenji Hamada)

A Devil Summoner who used to belong to Yatagarasu. He used to be a first-rate Summoner, but he’s now retired and works at an orphanage. He is sociable and loves children. He is very caring and always speaks calmly. He is a mentor to Arrow.

Ringo and her friends visit Raven for advice in their pursuit of the mystery.

Raven (Voice: Kenji Hamada)

A Devil Summoner who belongs to the Phantom Society. He is a bright young man with a strong sense of justice and friendship.

He kills Arrow for the sake of his mission. He knew Arrow, and seems to have some kind of history with him.

Arrow’s Profile

COMP: Type 9X Summoner Gun


  • Group: Yatagarasu
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Hobby: Gardening
  • Favorite Food: Soy Sauce Ramen
  • Favorite Place: On the butterfly machine
  • Current Obsession: Five-grain rice
  • What he laughed at recently: Ringo’s natural airheadedness
  • What he is interested in: Milady’s distance
  • Birthday: February 22

Growth Factor

Arrow’s COMP is a gun type, and his normal attacks are also gun-type attacks. He has a strong aptitude for ice skills. Additionally, he is also good at supporting his allies with a strong aptitude for support skills. His physical strength is particularly high, and depending on his growth, he will also learn skills to become a shield for his allies.

Character Relationship Diagram

Systems: Combat

Exploiting Enemy Weaknesses

The basis of the game’s combat is to exploit enemy weaknesses. Enemy demons have various resistances, and players can take advantage in battle by targeting weak points and dealing significant damage.

Ringo’s COMP can be freely equipped with allied demons, enabling demons skills to be used directly. Attack with skills while considering enemy weaknesses and resistances.

Stacking demons and attacking with Sabbath

If you exploit the enemy’s weaknesses, you can summon a demon. This is called a stack, and the demons wait on the spot until the end of the turn, at which point the Sabbath is triggered at Ringo’s command. All the demons will attack the enemy at once. The greater the number of stacked demons, the stronger the attack. Up to 16 demoncs can be stacked at once.

Pursuit Skills

Some allies will learn pursuit skills. When that ally joins Sabbath, there is a chance that a chase will happen. There are various advantageous effects to these, such as giving an enemy a status effect or healing allies.

Commander Skills

By modifying Ringo’s COMP, you will be able to use commander skills. There are special skills with powerful effects that increase the power of Sabbath. Some of these include changing demons without consuming turns or increasing the number of actions. However, there are restrictions on the number of elapsed turns where these skills can be used.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.

— 4Gamer