Soul Hackers 2 New Screenshots Released, Ringo and Figue Character Profiles, Comp Remodelling/Growth Details


New screenshots have been released for Soul Hackers 2, this time revolving around information released in the Summoners Guide Vol. 4 video. This includes details on the Aion agents Ringo and Figue, on remodelling and improving COMPs, and on facilities where you can buy battle accessories.


Flamma (Voice: Shuma Suzuki)

An entity created by Aion, born to support Ringo and Figue by transmitting Aion’s will to them. Unlike Ringo and Figue, Flamma does not have a physical body and therefore has no gender. They speak in a calm and matter of fact tone and only say what is necessary.


  • Affiliation: Aion
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Hobbies: Taking full advantage of her 5 senses
  • Favourite Food: Green apple cider
  • Favourite Place: A quiet place
  • Current Obsession: Going out without an umbrella on a rainy day
  • Recently Laughed At: Arrow and Milady’s arguments
  • What She is Interested In: The material of her body

Ringo’s Growth Factors

Ringo’s COMP has both sword and gun type forms. The sword type is used for normal attacks, and the gun type is used for Sabbaths. It specialises in electric and almighty skills. It has high attack power and plays an active as and attacker. Additionally she can acquire enhancements such as expanding the maximum number of skill slots.

COMP: Antikythera


  • Affiliation: Aion
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Hobbies: Looking at antiques
  • Favourite Food: Taiyaki
  • Favourite Place: A crowded place
  • Current Obsession: Typing
  • Recently Laughed At: Saizo’s Summoner manga
  • Currently Interested In: Safe house security.

Figue’s Growth Factors

Figue does not directly participate in combat. She operates an owl shaped drone called Mimi, and is in charge of support such as providing information. When in dungeons, she can search for enemies with the drone. It informs Ringo of enemy threat levels, and when there is a demon who has gone out on a dungeon search nearby. In some areas the player can control Mimi directly to explore places that Ringo can’t enter and open up new paths.

Mimi’s Operation Mode

Ringo and Figue’s Character Relationship Diagram

Systems (Growth Factors)

COMP Remodelling and Growth

At the Mansei Realm COMP Smith facility, COMPs can be remodelled using obtained materials. You can make simply modifications that are helpful in battle such as boosting attack power and reducing MP consumption, and can also add exploration skills such as one which increases the likelihood of obtaining items from defeated enemies. Exclusive to Ringo, commander skills can also be added.

Tara (Voice: Yumiri Hanamori)

The owner of COMP Smith and an up and coming COMP craftsman. She runs the store alone on behalf of her late father. She is always looking for opportunities to try new ideas. She is foul mouthed.

Purchasing and Equipping Accessories

You can buy accessories from the shop Zafiro in Shinsando . Most accessories are related to stats such as attack, evasion and defence, so equip the ones that suit your combat style.

Mannequin (voice: Yuya Hirose)

Zafiro’s part time shop assistant and an extreme narcissist. He thinks nobody to be more beautiful than himself and takes no interest in other people, but he does seem to take some interest in Ringo. His hobby is social media and he has 100 000 followers.

Personal Events and Soul Levels

At Bar Heidrun in Shinsando, Ringo and friends are able to interact. Drinking and talking with Ringo is called a Personal Event, and as a result, Soul Levels will increase. Soul Level represents the level of mutual understanding. There may be some other benefit to raising it further? Soul Levels may also increase with story progression.

Fuse (voice: Yutaka Aoyama)

The owner of Bar Haidrun. He is quiet and gentle. Devil Summoner’s of various factions, as well as the general public, visit his bar, but he remains completely neutral and will keep secrets in absolute confidence. He will treat every customer with complete sincerity.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.

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