Soul Hackers 2 New Screenshots Released, Ash and Saizo Character Profiles, Demon Fusion Details


New screenshots have been released for Soul Hackers 2, this time revolving around information released in the Summoners Guide Vol. 3 video. This includes details about the characters Saizo (voice: Masaya Matsukaze), a freelance Devil Summoner, and Ash (voice: Shiori Izawa), a Devil Summoner from the Phantom Society.

Additionally, there’s information about the game’s demon fusion system and demon growth systems.


Ash (Voice: Shiori Izawa)

A Devil Summoner belonging to the Phantom Society. At first glance, she appears to be a conservative person, but she actually has a deep and romantic side. She was in a romantic relationship with Saizo, but they broke up due to certain circumstances. She aided in killing Saizo, but it seems that she did not meant to do so.

Saizo’s Profile

COMP: Tommy Gun


  • Group: Freelance
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Hobby: Pure Audio
  • Favorite Food: Bouillabaisse
  • Favorite Place: His favorite cigar bar
  • Current Obsession: Vintage wine
  • What he laughed at recently: Old manga borrowed from Figue
  • What he is interested in: The amount of money he’s getting from the current assignment
  • Birthday: March 24

Growth Factor

Saizo’s gun-shaped COMP is good at shooting attribute attacks. He has a high aptitude for impact-based skills. Saizo’s own high speed, along with his recovery skills and support items, make him stand out in his flexibility.

Character Relationship Diagram

Systems: Demon Fusion and Growth

Demon Fusion

At the Cirque du Goumaden in the Six Treasures Realm, you can fuse demons to create new ones, such as a two-demon combination where two demons are combined, or special fusions where specific demons are used as material. There is also a “fusion search” function allowing players to search for a fusion using a variety of criteria, and also a “recommended fusion” function that suggests fusions based on the demons the player currently has on hand. Whether you are a fan of fusing demons or just want to get it done quickly, you can create your own demon allies in a way that suits you.

Victor (Voice: Banjo Ginga)

Owner of the Cirque du Goumaden, he resembles a mysterious circus ringmaster. He is said to be conducting research to unlock the secrets of life through demon fusion.

Ally Growth

As a demon grows, not only does it gain new skills, but it also increases its stats. In addition to normal skills, some demons can also learn a “pursuit skill,” which allows them to pursue attacks during a Sabbath. With the exception of a few, skills can be transferred freely through demon fusion. Create the strongest demon by developing them through battles and fusing them with other demons.

Gifts and Magical Crystals

When a demon has grown and mastered all its skills, you will receive a gift as a token of appreciation. There are various types of gifts, but one of the most special of them is a magic crystal. Magic crystals are equipment can can be equipped onto a COMP to grant it an effect. There are various effects, such as increasing the power of attribute attack skills, reducing MP consumption, and enabling the use of certain skills. The magical crystals that can be obtained differ depending on the demon, so try to level up a variety of different demons.

Systems: Request


In Hanaraku-cho, where the downtown area spreads out, there lies Club Cretaceous. Here, difficult occult cases that only Devil Summoners can solve gather, and the owner, Madame Ginko, is in charge. Take on various requests and hone your skills as a Devil Summoner.

Madame Ginko (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita)

The owner of Club Cretaceous. Her appearance is that of a bewitching woman. She is calm, intelligent, and responsible. She seems to be a bridge between the surface world and the shadow one.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.