Soul Hackers 2 New Screenshots, Milady, Iron Mask and RS Profiles, Dungeon Search Details


New screenshots have been released for Soul Hackers 2, focusing on information revealed in the Summoners Guide Vol. 2 video. This includes details on the characters Milady, Iron Mask and RS, and dungeon crawling mechanics such as dungeon search and symbol encounters.


  • Affiliation: Phantom Society
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Hobbies: Collecting spices
  •  Favourite Food: Wonton noodles
  • Favourite Place: Izakaya in Karakucho
  • Current Obsession: Late Shows in Karakucho
  • Recently Laughed At: Arrow’s neatness
  • Currently Interested In: Arrow’s life
  • Birthday: July 24th

Milady’s Affinities

Milady has a sai-shaped COMP and weapon. She has a high aptitude for fire skills and has high firepower. She has high intelligence and learns a skill to recover MP whilst attacking as she levels up.

COMP: Stigma

Milady’s Character Relationship Diagram

Iron Mask (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

“In the cities’ light, people repeat their daily activities… The world is beautiful, Milady.” 

A Devil Summoner of the Phantom Society and leader of the “C” Project. He stands against Ringo. He has a long history with Milady, and they seem to have been lovers, but he uses RS to kill her. What is the true meaning behind this?

RS (CV: Eiji Takeuchi)

“YoYo! Milady It’s good weather today! The weather is often killer!”

A Devil Summoner of the Phantom Society. Rough around the edges, he is quite skilled as a Summoner. He is tasked with killing Milady. His hobby is rapping, and he especially likes to improvise and sing freestyle rap.

System: Dungeon Search

Enemy Symbols and Slashing

Inside dungeons, enemies will appears as red symbols. If they notice you, they will attack and if they touch you you may enter battle in a disadvantageous state, such as the enemy getting the first attack. By slashing the enemy with Ringo’s sword and initiating a battle, you can start the fight with an advantage. It is also possible to avoid the battle completely by avoiding downed enemy symbols.

Bonus Attack

When you start a battle with a slashed enemy, there is a chance that a bonus will occur. At the beginning of the battle, allies might attack and start the fight in an advantageous state. There is also a skill to increase the rate of bonus attacks.

Devil Search

When you enter a dungeon, Ringo commands the demons to scatter throughout the dungeon and start searching. You can meet demons who went out to explore the dungeon to find items and recover strength.

Negotiation and Demon Contracts

Searching demon allies may introduce you to an enemy demon in a dungeon. By negotiating with the enemy demon, you can form a contract and make them your demon. The demon’s skills can be used by equipping it to a COMP. This will also change stats, so you can switch them out depending on the situation.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.

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