Soul Hackers 2 ‘Summoners Guide’ Volume 2 Announced for April 25, 2022


Atlus has announced the second entry in the “Summoners Guide” video series for Soul Hackers 2, set to release tomorrow, on April 25th at 8:15 PM PDT / 11:15 PM EDT / Other Time Zones.

Presented by the main character and agent of Aion’s Ringo (voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa), this series of videos aims to guide you through the world of Soul Hackers 2. In this second installment, Ringo introduces dungeon information including demon search, and key words like “Great Existence” and “Covenant.”

Additionally, there’ll be information on the Phantom Society Devil Summoner Milady (voiced by Ami Koshimizu), whose character trailer was recently released.

Summoners Guide Vol. 2

The first volume of the Summoners Guide was released on March 28, featuring combat and the character Arrow.

Soul Hackers 2 will be released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC in Japan on August 25th, and the West on August 26th, 2022.