Soul Hackers ‘Information Gathering Sequence’ Video #01 Released


Following the launch of a teaser website for Soul Hackers, a live stream titled “Information Gathering Sequence 01” took place earlier related to the upcoming project. All active Atlus Japan social media accounts made their own tweets to promote it: Atlus Japan, MegaTen, and Persona.

The live stream involved several 10-minute sequences where the Soul Hackers Twitter account would post different, innocuous questions like “what is your favorite food?” or “which is your favorite demon?” to gather data about humanity.

During those segments in the live stream, there would be short transitions into pictures which seem to be further teasing the upcoming Soul Hackers project. Below are all of the ones shown during the first video.

The next “Information Gathering Sequence” video will take place tomorrow, on February 18 at 3:00 AM PST / 6:00 AM EST, according to the official website.

This is all leading up to the “Aion Live Broadcasting Sequence” once the data gathering is complete, on Monday, February 21st.

Information Gathering Sequence #01

Aion Live Broadcasting Sequence