[Spoilers] Catherine: Full Body Story Scene Leaked Involving Rin’s Identity


The action-puzzle platformer with romantic drama Catherine: Full Body is set to be released in Japan next week on February 14, 2019. With its impending launch, a story scene has been leaked via Reddit user HattyMikune, which involves the new character Rin.

Her full name being “Qatherine,” a common theory prior to the game’s release was that she would turn out to be an angel, as a counterpart to other story elements from the original game.

Major Spoilers for Catherine: Full Body Follow

The story scene that has been leaked indicates that Rin belongs to a race of small, pink aliens.

According to Twitter user @quinn_surfang, this leak surfaced a month ago with the release of the demo for Catherine: Full Body, where video thumbnails from the game’s endings were included in the game files.

Catherine: Full Body will launch on the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14, 2019. It will be released for the PS4 on April 25, 2019 in Asia and Korea, and sometime in 2019 in the West.