Studio Zero Diary Report #2 on New Graduate 2018 Recruitment Company Briefing


Following the first diary post for the Alfons Mucha exhibition, a second has been written for Atlus’ Studio Zero, this time by programmer Yujiro Kosaka.

This report concerns an Atlus company briefing that was held in Osaka for recruiting new 2018 graduates.


This is Studio Zero programmer Yujiro Kosaka. Because this is the first time I am writing a blog, please forgive me for any poor writing.

At Studio Zero, we are looking for mid-career recruitment for those who already have careers, but this time we will introduce the state of the briefing sessions at Atlus for new 2018 graduate recruitment for the company.

As an Atlus employee, I participated as a representative programmer at company briefing meeting in Osaka, which was probably the first time.

Despite the sudden Osaka meeting, many people participated.

We presented stories concerning the job of general manager and of development jobs (planning, design, programming).

The period for questions on positions, which began this year, was well reputed, and I encouraged students to ask questions and to consult.

I also answered the questions of aspiring programmers, so that they could understand how Atlus works as much as possible.

For everyone who couldn’t come to the briefing, please check out Atlus at Mynavi and please apply!


The deadline has also been extended to July 31st!

After that, the company briefing came to a conclusion without any problems. I was surprised by the casual clothing the kitchen staff wore. The Atlus group went out to Dōtonbori at night for dinner.

Oh, this is the rumored Glico signboard, renewed with LED. I was a bit disappointed, because this is the first time I had been to Osaka… I wanted to see an old-fashioned signboard.

After that, we went to a skewer Teppanyaki place.

Speaking of Osaka, I wanted to go to a fried skewer restaurant or a bakery, but this taste was a hit. It was greatly satisfying, as I immediately thought to take a picture!

Various things happened before I returned to the hotel afterwards, but I’ll omit them here…

The next day, I participated in the joint company work review committee at the Osaka Communication Arts College.

Here, the students were shown the work in a job interview format.

Even though everyone was getting nervous, I tried hard to make my work look appealing. A programmer’s work is appealing by results from the past, such as with games, tools, created engines, and so on. In order to not lessen their enthusiasm, I presented the characteristics of my work and the way I work so that I could help even a little, while discussing improvements that could be made.

Since it is a very big school, deadlines came quickly and the Atlus group had to return to Tokyo soon.

I would like for there to be an opportunity to learn more about Atlus again. And this ends the introduction of the two-day trip to Osaka for the company briefing.

Everyone who is job hunting still has time, so please come and consider Atlus!

Of course, we still have mid-career hiring, so please apply again here!

Translation help thanks to @MysticDistance.

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