Studio Zero Diary Report #3 on Kurihaku Job Recruitment Exhibit


Following the second Studio Zero diary report for the new graduate 2018 recruitment company briefing, a third edition has been posted by designer Hiroki Fujioka.

This time, the report is about the Kurihaku—a Japanese media industry job information website—job exhibition that took place on June 6th and which Atlus participated in.

Nice to meet you. I am Studio Zero designer Fujioka.

I will be writing this blog entry.

We previously announced in a previous blog entry (about the Mucha exhibition) that we would be participating in the “Kurihaku Job Hunting Festa / Summer Portfolio Consultation & Selection Session,” with a summer team of three designers.

Atlus had an exhibit at the Portfolio Consultation & Selection Board.

I looked at the portfolio of students who are aiming to enter the game industry.

I spoke directly about what kind of things are easy to select through screening, what kind of job a designer actually has, what kinds of things are asked in the interviews, for about 10 minutes per person.

Thank you very much for coming to the Atlus booth.

The deadline for the recruitment of new graduates at Atlus this year will be July 31, 2017 (Monday).

There’s still time, so we are waiting for a lot of entries!

Another employment subject: a job advertisement has been posted on the monthly CGWORLD vol. 227 (July 2017 issue, released on June 9, 2017).

This is an advertisement for mid-career recruitment.

It’s not only for designers; we are still looking for mid-career planners and programmers, and we will be recruiting throughout the year!

Studio Zero is a newly established organization. In the past, people have entered Atlus by new graduate or mid-career hiring, and the need for human resources have changed greatly since then, so we are waiting for new entries!

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